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Thursday, March 29

I meet people who inspire me everyday with their stories, through my fabulous job.  Even closer to me, one of my best friends, made an extraordinary change to her life and well-being.

Beany lost 20kgs 2 years ago, and she looks incredible! She is now remarkably health conscious and is ultra cautious about her diet and nutritional intake and exercises very regularly.  She has kindly agreed to share her story.

Beany March 2012
Beany in 2010

 Lulu: How did your weight escalate initially?

Beany: I unfortunately had to have my gall bladder removed as a result of gall stones at the age of 23.  This happened on the day that I was due to move to the UK in 2007. The Doctors were puzzled as to why I had such severe gall stones, as it is more common in people who are 'fat, fair, over forty', and in those with family history of it.  It is also common in those who lead a unhealthy life. I was none of the above, as I had always lived a healthy lifestyle and exercised regularly! I still question why it happened to me? After having lived in the UK for a couple of years, with the change in my way of living; I piled on weight. This was all due to not being mindful of my diet, as I was advised to do so, by the dietician after my surgery.  I was also not exercising as often. Not having a gall bladder (which helps produce bile that breaks down fatty acids in the body) didn't help either. 

Lulu: What inspired you to lose weight?
I got to a stage in my life where I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I always felt horrible in what I was wearing. I was always tired and lethargic. I had constant headaches and felt super unhealthy. I went on a family holiday and after chatting to my Mother about it I decided I needed to get my life back on track.....  

Lulu: How did you do this?

Beany: I decided to do it in a drastic way. I followed an extremely strict low calorie diet and exercised vigorously every day. 

Lulu: How do you feel as a result of having lost weight?

Beany: Obviously my confidence in how I dress and how I feel has improved massively. My energy levels are so much better, I sleep better, I crave exercise and the great feeling I get from doing it. I also have better skin and generally feel more alive, happy and positive about life.

Flowers Make me Happy

Tuesday, March 27

Thinking about my post a few weeks ago and What Makes me Happy:

On Saturday morning, Bindy, Jen, Nix and I had an early start and went to the New Covent Garden Flower Market in Vauxhall, to buy flowers for my and Pete's engagement party that evening.

Eat Yourself Young, Book Launch

Monday, March 26

On Thursday evening, my friend Beany and I had the opportunity to attend Elizabeth Peyton-Jones' book launch for her new book, Eat Yourself Young.  Well as you can imagine, I was elated at the prospect of this event.  The hotel itself was a treat to attend, and I would highly recommend that you visit the 5 star Corinthia Hotel in Whitehall if you have the opportunity to!

Elizabeth's book has lots of ideas in it for snacks and meals and the Hotel's Chefs, had created some of these to sample at the event.  We enjoyed these whilst sipping on glasses of wine that appeared bottomless thanks to the very attentive waitering staff.  The snacks were great, and as you would guess, very healthy.  We were treated to watercress, beetroot and carrot zinger juices in shot glasses, and peppy virgin marys.  We also had asparagus with a guacamole type dip and carrot and celery batons, and roasted vegetables on skewers amongst delicious and nutritious nibbles.

 Thandie Newton, the actress, is a firm follower of Elizabeth's and was also at the launch with her gorgeous daughter.

Picture from

We made two new friends at the evening, and after talking to them about this blog they have given me a few pointers.  They recommended that I join twitter, and so today (with assistance from Pete of course) I have signed up and created the Berry Diaries account (@BerryDiaries).  Watch this space and lets see how the tweeting goes!

Anyway, back to her book.  Bean and I left the event with one tucked firmly under each of our arms after Elizabeth had signed them for us.

She has put together a stunning, colourful and very easy to read book with advice, a detox plan and of course recipes to reduce the ageing affects of the foods that so much of our modern diet contributes to. All this advice, goes without saying, towards making you at less risk of disease and in better general health and is not only anti ageing.

She includes quotes throughout the book:

" Stressed, spelt backwards is Desserts. Coincidence? I think not." Anon.

"It's not the food in your life, it's the life in your food." Anon.

"Just because you're not sick, it doesn't mean you're healthy."  Anon.

"Dieting is not a piece of Cake." Anon.

The information in her book is interesting, to the point and easy to read.

Obese People usually don't eat Breakfast!

Thursday, March 15

I have had the most fantastic but very busy past week and a half, hence the lack of blogging!  I was completely surprised and over the moon when I got home from work the Friday before last and Pete proposed to me! Wedding planning here we come:) I have also been accepted for a MSc Cancer Studies Course next year at Oxford Brookes University, which I am  really looking forward to, but now need to find a way to come up with the funds for it!

I have been keeping any newspaper or magazine articles that I find interesting and have listed a few health related interesting facts:

Picture from

  • It has been widely proven that the majority of obese people don't eat breakfast! (Horikawa et al, 2011) It is imperative that you eat breakfast to get your metabolism going.
  • The construction company building the Olympic stadiums, found that accidents on site dropped dramatically when workers were given porridge for breakfast when they arrived.  The hour before lunch was when most accidents were happening as a result of the workers having fatty dinners and then not eating breakfast and their low sugar levels causing them to lose concentration before lunch.
  • Eating fruit and vegetables has been proven to be more effective than any face products in giving people's skin a healthy a healthy glow. (Study at St Andrews University Scotland, 2012.)

  • Eating fatty and junk foods can make you angry, aggressive and irritable.  (University of California, Dr Golomb). A number of violent prisoners in the States have recently tried to blame their behaviour on high-sugar diets, known as the "twinkie effect."

  • Women today are on average two inches taller, 7 kgs heavier and have gone up more than three shoe sizes than in 1950.  (National Sizing Survey.)

  • Smokers get ten times more wrinkles than non smokers.

And a few facts from a very interesting book that I read a few weeks ago...called the Wisdom of Whores by Elizabeth Pisani.

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