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Thursday, March 29

I meet people who inspire me everyday with their stories, through my fabulous job.  Even closer to me, one of my best friends, made an extraordinary change to her life and well-being.

Beany lost 20kgs 2 years ago, and she looks incredible! She is now remarkably health conscious and is ultra cautious about her diet and nutritional intake and exercises very regularly.  She has kindly agreed to share her story.

Beany March 2012
Beany in 2010

 Lulu: How did your weight escalate initially?

Beany: I unfortunately had to have my gall bladder removed as a result of gall stones at the age of 23.  This happened on the day that I was due to move to the UK in 2007. The Doctors were puzzled as to why I had such severe gall stones, as it is more common in people who are 'fat, fair, over forty', and in those with family history of it.  It is also common in those who lead a unhealthy life. I was none of the above, as I had always lived a healthy lifestyle and exercised regularly! I still question why it happened to me? After having lived in the UK for a couple of years, with the change in my way of living; I piled on weight. This was all due to not being mindful of my diet, as I was advised to do so, by the dietician after my surgery.  I was also not exercising as often. Not having a gall bladder (which helps produce bile that breaks down fatty acids in the body) didn't help either. 

Lulu: What inspired you to lose weight?
I got to a stage in my life where I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I always felt horrible in what I was wearing. I was always tired and lethargic. I had constant headaches and felt super unhealthy. I went on a family holiday and after chatting to my Mother about it I decided I needed to get my life back on track.....  

Lulu: How did you do this?

Beany: I decided to do it in a drastic way. I followed an extremely strict low calorie diet and exercised vigorously every day. 

Lulu: How do you feel as a result of having lost weight?

Beany: Obviously my confidence in how I dress and how I feel has improved massively. My energy levels are so much better, I sleep better, I crave exercise and the great feeling I get from doing it. I also have better skin and generally feel more alive, happy and positive about life.

Lulu: What advice would you give to others wanting to shed some weight?

Beany: It's simple and not nice to hear unfortunately.....

'You are what you eat'
'A moment on the lips is a life time on the hips'
Exercise as often as you can!

Lulu: What would your ideal, 3 course meal include?

A healthy seafood starter- I love fish, prawns, mussels, oysters etc 

Growing up on a farm, I have always loved a good steak.
I would have to say a grilled fillet steak with veg and a delicious salad. 

I have a bit of a sweet tooth and so I do treat myself to the occasional desert. 
My best would probably be a strawberry or blueberry cheese cake :)

This would not be the perfect healthy menu but it would be my ideal meal if I had to choose one. 

I have learned that you need to eat everything in moderation, make sure your portions are small and the way you cook your food is always healthy. I do try make my plate as bright as possible and so those bright foods are veg, fruit and salad ingredients. I personally need to try and avoid the whites,browns,beige and light coloured food as those are mostly carbs and starches. Everyone is different and so one needs to find what works for there body and stick to being as healthy as possible!

Beany loves cooking and has kindly agreed to share some of her healthy recipes with us in the next few weeks...Look out for these coming in a new series of posts called "What to Cook Wednesdays"

See another gorgeous pictture of Beany at my Engagement Party last weekend in my previous post: Flowers Make Me Happy.

Happy Healthy Inspired Living

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