Obese People usually don't eat Breakfast!

Thursday, March 15

I have had the most fantastic but very busy past week and a half, hence the lack of blogging!  I was completely surprised and over the moon when I got home from work the Friday before last and Pete proposed to me! Wedding planning here we come:) I have also been accepted for a MSc Cancer Studies Course next year at Oxford Brookes University, which I am  really looking forward to, but now need to find a way to come up with the funds for it!

I have been keeping any newspaper or magazine articles that I find interesting and have listed a few health related interesting facts:

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  • It has been widely proven that the majority of obese people don't eat breakfast! (Horikawa et al, 2011) It is imperative that you eat breakfast to get your metabolism going.
  • The construction company building the Olympic stadiums, found that accidents on site dropped dramatically when workers were given porridge for breakfast when they arrived.  The hour before lunch was when most accidents were happening as a result of the workers having fatty dinners and then not eating breakfast and their low sugar levels causing them to lose concentration before lunch.
  • Eating fruit and vegetables has been proven to be more effective than any face products in giving people's skin a healthy a healthy glow. (Study at St Andrews University Scotland, 2012.)

  • Eating fatty and junk foods can make you angry, aggressive and irritable.  (University of California, Dr Golomb). A number of violent prisoners in the States have recently tried to blame their behaviour on high-sugar diets, known as the "twinkie effect."

  • Women today are on average two inches taller, 7 kgs heavier and have gone up more than three shoe sizes than in 1950.  (National Sizing Survey.)

  • Smokers get ten times more wrinkles than non smokers.

And a few facts from a very interesting book that I read a few weeks ago...called the Wisdom of Whores by Elizabeth Pisani.

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  • People with HIV are most likely to spread the virus soon after they have been infected themselves as this is when their viral load is highest.  After the body has had time for the immune system to create antibodies, the person is less likely to pass the infection on.  People on ARVs typically have a lower viral load and are less likely to pass the disease on than those not on ARVs. 

  • Pregnant Women infected with HIV, have a one in three chance of passing the infection to their children, without medical intervention.  This transmission can occur in utero, during the birth process or whilst breastfeeding.  Again the chances are reduced if the Mother's viral load is low.

  • You have a greater risk of contracting HIV if you always use a condom when having sex in Swaziland, than if you never use a condom in China, even if you are sleeping with prostitutes in China. 
Hope you have found these statements interesting!

Have a Happy Healthy Week,

Lulu x

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