Could I be addicted to ONE cup of coffee a day?

Thursday, April 12

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I can't quite pin down when the Pret Coffee Shop next to work developed such a strong magnetic pull towards me (and my purse), as I walked past on the other side of the road. And then it's the coffee shops near home over the weekend that I seem to just be going past and so 'may as well grab a coffee', or asking Pete to just 'pop past' on his way home for a take away cup of caffeine loaded brew for me.  I only ever have one a day, okay maybe two, and then there was that other day at the hairdressers after a late night when I had three...

But usually, it's just the one.  And until a few weeks ago, it really made no difference to me if I had the coffee or not.  But recently, I have been thinking about coffee A LOT and drinking it every single day.  Previously at Breakfast out on a weekend, I may have had a coffee, but usually tea.  These days, it's two Americano's for sure.

I was thinking this weekend, I had a lot of time to think as I was in London at the last minute and not South Africa as planned, why this little coffee affection has developed.

I think that it is largely down to my new healthier eating regime which has shunned (pretty much) all processed and refined high GI foods from my diet.  I think that my brain has been using coffee as it's only available left over option at a quick 'energy fix'.

And I have been allowing this to happen as one of the Super Foods books that I have has a tiny paragraph on one of the pages saying that Coffee is a superfood!  I am unfortunately unable to find any other relevant literature that supports this:)

And, I convince myself, you are being so good with everything else, have a coffee if you want one. 

The other reason that I think that my body is recently so partial to a coffee, and it's got to be proper coffee, no Nescafe instant coffee being coveted here, is perhaps for the dairy fix?  As I explained in make it an americano, I have been having less milk in my diet and so no longer getting my milk intake through copious cups of milky tea during the day.  Perhaps my body is longing for the dairy that the milk in my coffee, which is the only milk that I now have in my diet, provides?

Anyway, I keep telling myself and others, there is no way that I can be addicted to coffee, I usually only have one cup a day!

Not so apparently.

Dr Andrew Weil from University of Arizona, says in his book Spontaneous Happiness.

"Some people who drink one cup of coffee a  day are physically addicted to it, will experience a withdrawal reaction if they cut it out, and have any number of physical and emotional symptoms caused by it."

"Others can drink many cups a day and experience none of that."

I read this with the sinking feeling that although I used to be in the second category, I am now in the first.

Time for drastic action, and so as of Tuesday I have not had a cup of coffee.  See my next post where I let you know how well it has gone, what a rather traumatic experience it has been! And today was only day three...
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