Diets have a 95% Failure Rate

Monday, April 23

Definition of a diet:  

A regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss.
I think that the majority of us are motivated by the second half of that statement.And until recently I was too.

Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach Diet, there is always a fabulous new trendy diet that everyone is buying that promises to make you look as awesome as whatever celebrity is currently endorsing it.

Look at the Dukan diet book sales after The Wedding a year ago.  When millions of people around the world who had admired Pippa Middleton's behind found out that her and her Mother had followed the Dukan Diet, Pre the Royal Wedding, the books sales soared.

And yet 95 % of all diets fail, according to Jason Vale, in his book The Juice Master.  However upon entering this statement into wisdom of the Google search bar, this line appears to be a little controversial.  It is based on one study done years ago, of a group of only 100 people, and many sites report that it has been unjustly quoted and is not true.  If I had written a Diet book I would want to dispute this too;)

However, a study that is frequently mentioned though in the abyss of the Internet, is the Health and InsightExpress study, completed in 2007.  This also dispels the myths surrounding 'quick fix' fad diets that promise to make you shed pounds simply and speedily.

This Study surveyed 500 respondents.
25%  had attempted dieting at least 20 times.
30% had dieted between 3 to 5 times in their lifetime,
54% of the participants had tried between 2 to 5 diets.

Despite the participants in this study's attempts at weight loss:
60% regained weight after their diets ended.
50% had 75 percent of total weight lost return
20% percent added more weight than they lost.

Ok, so maybe it's not 95% that fail, but the stats aren't that great. Considering that 1000's of people diet everyday, I can think of  a handful of people that I know that have lost weight through a 'fad diet' and kept it off.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my friend Beany lost a lot of weight, but it has been the marked lifestyle changes that she has made that have kept the kgs off!

As I have discussed before here, we are all aware of basic lifestyle changes that we should make, we know a few basic changes that we should do regarding healthier eating and more exercise, but we don't.  It may be that we are indulging now before the big diet starts next week, month or year.  However, as highlighted above, these diets very seldom have long lasting effects! Rather make an effort to adopt one healthy practice at a time, something you know you really should already do, but don't.

  goes on in is book to make some very bold but true statements, regarding our excuses for not being as healthy as we know we should be.

"We've all got a story-get over it! Everyone has had 'shit happen to them'.''
"But it's hard for me, because I'm on the road all the time." 

"But I can't even start because I don't have the energy."

He quickly dispels any of these excuses in his book.

In summary...

If you focus on nutrition and exercise first, weight loss will soon follow!

What is your healthier practice going to be this Month?

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