I Love Green Tea and Free Give Away

Thursday, April 26

I mentioned here last week that I had ordered some green tea after my coffee cessation.  Well it has arrived and I am in love! Ok maybe not as in love as I was with coffee perhaps, but it is SO much more delicious than plain old green tea and it is SO good for you!

As I listed here, it is recommended as an anti cancer measure that we drink red wine and green tea, and as most of us already have the red wine consumption under wraps, I will expand a little on the benefits of green tea.

Green and black tea are different from herbal teas in their composition, as well as their benefits.  Herbal teas are created by an infusion of flowers, fruits, herbs or other plants.  Black, white, yellow, green and oolen teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant.

There is evidence that Green and Black Tea:
-Decrease the risk of stomach, prostate, breast, pancreatic, colorectal, oespohogeal, bladder and lung cancers.
-Can inhibit the formation and growth of tumours.
-Decrease the growth of cancer cells and inhibit the growth of the blood vessels that tumours need in order to grow.

Green and Black Tea:
-Abundant  in Antioxidants
-Minimal carbs and calories.

But What about the Caffeine?
Green and black teas both contain caffeine, however an average cup, brewed for three minutes contains 47mg, and a cup of coffee contains 95mgs.

A Few Tea Tips:
-Tea bags are as potent as loose tea in their benefits.
-Brew tea for at least three minutes to optimise the health benefits.
-Avoid drinking extremely hot tea.
-Flavonoids (the healthy part) degrade with time, so it's best to drink freshly brewed tea that's hot or been quickly iced.

To share my new love of Green Tea and to help everyone become healthier with the benefits listed above, I have two boxes of tea to give away:)

To enter, follow the prompts below.   The more options you complete, the more entries that you have, and (obviously) the higher chances that you have of winning.

So come on, please indulge me and enter, and let's be honest, we all love a freebie, especially when it is good for you too:) a Rafflecopter giveaway Winner will be announced on Tuesday....
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