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Tuesday, April 10

All you fabulous regular readers of this blog will (hopefully) have noticed that I have made a new page header.  I wanted something a little brighter and considering what a labour of love it became,  I've shared some evidence of the three hours worth of work here!

I made the initial letters with scooby (telephone) wire and thought that this would be the job done.  As you can see from the above photo, it wasn't quite bold enough to be effective. 


So I then wrapped more wire around each letter to make them thicker.

I had planned to make the whole thing Pink, but soon realised I was going to run out of pink wire!

And so more colours were added from my tangled supply of scooby wire.

 Finally the letters were completed.

And then I took a Photo of the letters on a white paper background.  As you can see, the paper appears dull greyish in colour and so then I put the picture into Paint, and painstakingly erased all the background white paper to enhance the whiteness of the background and to make the colours appear brighter!

The final product :) 

It took longer than planned but arts and crafts do make me happy!

Lulu x x
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