One (rather traumatic) Week without a drop of Coffee

Tuesday, April 17

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Following on from my post last week, could I be addicted to just one cup of coffee a day, I decided to go cold turkey on the coffee front.  It has now been one week, one day and five hours since I last had a cup of coffee.

This past week has been trying, to say the least.  

A summary of how it has gone:

7:45  It's day one on the no coffee campaign.  I stroll smugly passed the Pret coffee shop near work and think, this no coffee business will be a breeze, it's not like I NEED to drink coffee anyway.  I'm sure I will barely notice giving it up....

11:30 My patient hasn't arrived at her appointment, and now I'm feeling a little tired with a break in my busy day, especially after the four day weekend.  I consider a coffee, remember I don't NEED it.  A few minutes later, I consider maybe just a little, half a cup, and  then a quite reluctantly resign myself to pouring some hot water over a sad looking lemon and ginger tea teabag.

16:45 I am exhausted on the way home and my head feels cloudy.

7:45 I find myself looking fondly upon the coffee shop as I walk past.  What  a lovely shop front I inviting...

10:00 I am desperate for a cup of coffee.  Forget NOT NEEDING it, I NEED it...Settle for a terrible tasting green tea.

13:00 My eyes are feeling sensitive to sunlight and I am trying to keep my back to the dull rays of British sunshine coming through the window anytime I have to talk to anyone.

15:00 This is a full blown headache, manage to take two ibuprofen between patients.

17:00 Headache is still in fully fledged power.  Meet a friend for a catch up at Starbucks, head is so sore that the temptation of coffee is almost unappealing, almost. Have a soy chai latte and a large glass of water.

7:45 Headache is still a dull throb.  I almost buy a decaf coffee as I buy my lunch in the morning.  Had to buy lunch as couldn't face making it this morning with the headache.  Stop myself just in time from buying the decaf, I had promised to stop drinking all coffee.

13:00 You don't NEED a coffee I tell myself. There is NO WAY you will fall asleep whilst with a patient if you don't have one. I grumpily pour myself a peppermint tea.  I can't wait for the end of the day.

17:00 Fall asleep on the train on the way home, I feel awful.

7:45 My head feels a little clearer this morning.  The magnetic pull towards the prospect of coffee appears to have subsided a little?

17:00 The day has flown by.  I am very pleased I resisted the decaf.

11:00 Out for Breakfast at my favourite local breakfast place, The Pantry.
I order a black rooibos tea and look only fleetingly, with mild  adoration at the lattes, cappuccino's and americano's that surround me.

17:00 My friend Mike introduces me to green tea with blueberry flavour after I whinge about how much I despise the taste of green tea.  It is surprisingly delicious.

12:00 I order a lovely cup of fresh jasmine tea with my lunch at Petersham Nursery in Richmond after a walk in the park.

17:00 I realise that I have not craved a cup of coffee all day!

I have the day off and happily drink three cups of black rooibos tea. I'm still thinking quite fondly about the green tea with blueberries...
I order some of the Green Tea with blueberries, as Mike says it's not that easy to find in all supermarkets.  I order a few other flavours too!

I am busy at work all day, I am in a great mood and I don't feel like a cup of coffee at all...The lemon and ginger tea seems to have become more pleasant too.  The Peppermint tea is really quite refreshing....
And I have so much energy left over still at the end of the day!

My relationship with coffee is currently off.  

Until further notice I will be embracing all teas herbal.  

And drinking more water.

Wow I have admiration for people who kick major addictions.

This relinquishing of one cup of coffee a day really upset my mood, head clarity and energy levels.

Bring on the green tea with blueberries...I'm sure you will be hearing more about that from me in the near future:)

Have a Happy Healthy Herbal Tea drinking week
Lulu x x x

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