Guarding your Mug at Boarding School Tea Times and other Reminscences

Saturday, April 28

Two more days left of my Twinings Green tea giveaway and you guys are all being a little shy on the entering, which can you do here.

It will take 10 seconds to enter!

If  you are cold,
tea will warm you;
If you are too heated,
it will cool you;
If you are depressed,
it will cheer you;
If you are excited,
it will calm you.

William Gladstone, English statesman (1809-98)

I found this quotation and I think it sums up my life long relationship with tea beautifully.  

And it made me think of some of my fondest tea memories...

Tea times at Boarding School, the MB House Common Room, where we drank tea poured from massive silver tea pots with industrial sized tea bags and the milk already added by the school kitchens-so unappealing in hindsight!  And cautiously guarding your cup for fear of one of the few stealthy non tea drinkers trying to dip their biscuits in your cup and leaving soggy bits of biscuit at the bottom.  Because biscuits are so much better dunked, and soggy bits at the bottom are so gross if they aren't your own!

Fisrt stop always on the way back home from Boarding School, our best family friends-The Rennie's house in town.  Tea whilst Nicole and I told our families about everything that happened that term at school. 

Tea drinking in our Univeristy Digs.  Cups and cups and cups whilst we laughed, studied and recovered from big nights out.  Thanks Pies, you usually made the majority of them:)

Tea in the staff accomodation at the Kokstad Hospital where we did our Community Service year.  Sue, Ken, Pies and I 'solved' many of the State Hospitals shortfalls over those endless cups.

Jubes, Beany and I carrying tea bags in our backpacks around Europe, much to the amusement of Aditi and our fellow travellers!

And of course...

Trays and trays and trays of tea at home, in our lounge or on the verandah on our farm at home and at Mpatoane, family discussions during the school and uni holidays and catch ups with friends and neighbours.

I love Tea:)

Hope you are having a lovely Weekend..
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