Why I Quit the Coffee

Thursday, April 19

I had begun to worry that my coffee consumption was a problem, as you can read here.

And so I made the decision to go give it up altogether, and you can read how that went here.

But let's be honest there are many far more awful things to be addicted to than coffee.

It was after I read that it was possible to be addicted to one cup a day that I became slightly concerned

But I was convinced that I had to cut out the coffee after reading this:. 

Dr Weil, from the University of Arizona says in his book, Spontaneous Happiness.

People like caffeine because it gives them temporary feelings of increased energy, alertness and focus; many can not start the day without it. 

Few understand that the energy provided by coffee, tea and cola, is not some gift from "out there". It is your own energy, stored chemically in your cells, that caffeine prods your body into releasing. 

Well I was definitely one of those that thought that the coffee gave me the energy, I thought that it was a gift from "out there" and that the caffeine was giving me the energy and alertness. Each time I thought of having coffee after this, I thought of my cells trying to hang onto my energy stores in case I needed them later in the day...only to have the energy ripped from them and used up quickly with the caffeine. I imagined that something like this was going on.

Resulting in me feeling tired during the day and especially by the end of the day when my own body had actually been making provision for this, by trying to save up some energy.

Dr Weil goes on to say:
When the coffee wears off, you are left with a depletion of stored energy and you are likely to feel fatigued and mentally dull.  As with other stimulants, if you take more caffeine at this point, you can stave off the downside of the drug's effect for a bit, but you run the risk of becoming dependent on it.  When people are addicted to coffee or other forms of caffeine, their energy is usually bunched up earlier in the day, and depleted later.

I have been thinking about this coffee business a lot recently, as you can see.

And in summary, gleaned the following:

Not everyone is physically addicted to coffee, but you can be addicted to only one cup a day.  Others can drink multiple cups and not be physically addicted.

Anyone who uses coffee when they need to feel more awake or survive the last few hours of the day at work, is doing themselves a massive disservice and depleting their own cells natural energy resources by chemically stimulating the release of stored energy.

Drink coffee as a treat that you enjoy and not as a tool to make you feel more awake or alert to survive the day or night! 

Have a Happy Healthy Weekend

P.S Guess who just got a new drawing app on their ipad:)
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