Why Nuts are SO good for you!

Wednesday, May 30

In December 2009, we left chilly London for three weeks in India to attend two of my favouritest people's Wedding.

The celebrations lasted a few days and we bought some lovely saree's to wear to the various events that made up the nuptials...

Us girls with Happy Couple

Orange Pekoe

Monday, May 28

If I owned a tea room, I would call it Orange Pekoe.  And when I am big and have lots of money, I will live on the river in Barnes.

Fresh Mint tea, tasty and good for Hay fever and Tummy cramps

Wednesday, May 23

On Sunday morning I did one of my favourite things and went for breakfast at Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea, with Jen, Sam and Nik.

Nik and I

After a delicious -not so healthy breakfast- of crisp belgian waffles, cinnamon cream and apples:)

 I ordered their fresh Mint Tea.

teapigs Matcha Give Away Worth £32,50!

Tuesday, May 22

As you fabulous regular readers of this blog know, I was recently introduced to Flavoured Green Tea here, after realising here that I may be a little to fond of coffee here.

I was talking about Green Tea with one of my patients, and she was saying that flavoured or not, she hates green tea and reminded me of the Matcha Powder that Tea Pigs sells.   

I bought some a few weeks ago and I now add Matcha Powder to our Smoothies every morning! 

So What is Matcha?

100% Natural Organic Ground Tea Leaves-basically its concentrated green tea.

Coincidence or Meant to be?

Monday, May 21

Firstly, thank you for all the kind messages that I have received in response to my post yesterday about Fear.

An ancient sage once said,

  "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" 

Fear and my 3 Month Follow Up with my Doctor

Sunday, May 20

This Thursday was my three monthly follow up with my Surgeon.

 And to be honest I was Terrified.  

While trying on Wedding dresses recently, I noticed that a mole on my chest was looking darker, and I was afraid that it may be another melanoma.

So worried that I was in tears on Wednesday evening, and my friends at work consoled me five times during the day as I sobbed in anticipation of my appointment that afternoon. 

Enough about Poo, What your Tongue says about You

Thursday, May 17

You might want a mirror handy whilst reading this:)

I think this blog could be called the poo diaries after this week, but this is the last one I promise...

And don't worry, the mirror is for looking at your tongue.

Following from my posts this, and why some people are more likely to leave skid marks in the toilet than others and the Perfect Pooh, Dr McKeith in her book You are What You Eat, describes how your tongue can also tell you a number of things about your health.

She describes the tongue as being like a window to the organs.

The Perfect Poo

Tuesday, May 15

Following on from my post yesterday Why some People Live Skid Marks, (which you should read first if you haven't already) Elizabeth Peyton Jones in her Book Eat Yourself Young, also dedicates a few pages to bowel habits.

She says that a sluggish gut also leads to Early Ageing and recommends checking your gut's own transit time.

To do this, take 5-10g of charcoal two hours before eating, and five hours before bed.  Check how long it takes for your pooh to come out black.  The perfect time is 12-24 hours.  Anything more, and sluggish gut movement could cause toxic build-up. Anything less, and nutrients are not being absorbed properly.

Why some people leave Skid Marks and What your Poo says about You

Monday, May 14

Five years at boarding school, followed by house shares at University and whilst living in London, have resulted in resulted in years of unavoidable bathroom sharing for me, and most of my friends.

I think we've all had that housemate who leaves evidence of their toileting long after they have flushed and left the bathroom. According to Dr Gillian McKeith in her book You are What you Eat, leaving skid marks in the toilet bowl can be reduced by eating more good quality fibre in your diet. It happens because the poo's have too much mucus in them, and so they slide and stick to the edge of the toilet. Reducing alcohol and dairy intake and having more foods higher in enzymes is also recommended.

Are you Living your life or Existing each day?

Wednesday, May 9

This morning I didn't really feel like getting out of bed, and I walked to the train station wishing that the weekend was closer.  A year ago, this kind of feeling in the mornings would have been completely normal for me.

Since all my Melanoma Dramas though, I have really been enjoying each day more, and I have made a conscious effort to not wish each moment and day away.  

I'm not sure what made me feel like this today, but it didn't get my day off to a good start.

But as life so often happens, I had a very motivating conversation at work this morning.

We discussed the difference between living life and making a conscious decision daily to enjoy each day and not simply existing.  

Not going through each day simply to survive working and then getting home and getting household chores done.


Is Checking your Facebook Feed causing you Stress?

Tuesday, May 8

I am addicted to information.  

I watch the news on TV whilst I eat my Breakfast, read the Metro Newspaper from cover to cover on the way to work, and the Evening Standard on the way home.  I usually scan a few newspapers online in the morning or evening too.

I have always quite prided myself on being relatively informed on the state of the world, but I wander how much of this information has been essential?

I am ashamed to say that I check my Facebook news feed a few times a day, and love to follow the lives of others, often from across the world.  Until I recently started sharing these blog links, I seldom ever posted anything on Facebook.  I think I may be the only person that I know who hasn't uploaded a photo album, ever.

How Holding a Pencil in your Teeth can make you Happier!

Monday, May 7

I read something fascinating today in Dr Weil's book Spontaneous Happiness.  

A study was conducted in Germany in the late 80's.  Participants were assigned to hold a pencil in one of three ways.  Group one held the pencil with their lips, mimic this yourself, and you can feel how it stimulates the orbicularis oris muscle, don't worry about the anatomical name, but basically this activates the muscle that is used in Frowning.

Group two, held the pencil in their teeth, have a go, and this stimulated the zygomatic major or risorius muscle used in Smiling.

Group three, the control group, held the pencil in their hands.

Olivia's Lentil and Butternut Loaf

Wednesday, May 2

As mentioned here, I am loving Olivia Newton John's new Cook Book Livwise.

My gorgeous friend Jubes is staying with me at the moment and she made this delicious Lentil and Butternut loaf  for us on Monday evening.

Olivia Newton John's Health Philosophy after Breast Cancer

Tuesday, May 1

Pic from olivia-newtonjohn.com

I discovered a fabulous book this week, well actually Pete did, he saw it being reviewed on TV the other morning after I had already gone to work and said I should take a look.

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