Is Checking your Facebook Feed causing you Stress?

Tuesday, May 8

I am addicted to information.  

I watch the news on TV whilst I eat my Breakfast, read the Metro Newspaper from cover to cover on the way to work, and the Evening Standard on the way home.  I usually scan a few newspapers online in the morning or evening too.

I have always quite prided myself on being relatively informed on the state of the world, but I wander how much of this information has been essential?

I am ashamed to say that I check my Facebook news feed a few times a day, and love to follow the lives of others, often from across the world.  Until I recently started sharing these blog links, I seldom ever posted anything on Facebook.  I think I may be the only person that I know who hasn't uploaded a photo album, ever.

Whilst my natural online inclination prior to this blog had never been to share information, I have long been gathering it.

Most of it, absolute nonsense, and of absolutely no value to my general well being.

I can't bear the suspense of not knowing what the email is that awaits me in my inbox when the envelope on my phone screen beckons me with a red dot.  Usually it's junk, or a newsletter from a company that I have bought from online, once, and as my friends know, I'm terrible at replying, but I am great at reading the messages.  

If I want to know something, I Google it immediately, and this suits me well.  I am pleased that I don't have to dedicate a shelf of my bookshelf to Volumes of Encyclopaedia's.

 And as you have gathered from many of my Posts, I read A LOT of books.

The Book Reading I cherish, and this I think does contribute to my general well being and reading has provided me with endless hours of escape into another world of historical and healthy information that adds to my happiness.

The problem is, now that I spend so much time looking at often unnecessary information online and in newspapers, I have less time to read books.

This blogging business has opened a whole new influx of information, and I have begun to follow closely the lives of many other bloggers.  Mostly American Girls, that have no idea of my existence, but I read their every word, every day.

The Problem with the above, says Dr Weil of Spontaneous Happiness again, is that People have clear limits in the amount of information that they can process. 

When the amount of information coming in exceeds those limits, people suffer.  

They are likely to ignore or forget information they need, be overconfident on the basis of incomplete or flawed information, and be less in control of their lives as a result. 

 In the long term, information overload increases stress, with all it's predictable consequences for physical and emotional health.'

I think I am being overloaded.

The irony of the fact that my hoping for you to read what I write here, is contributing to your information overload, is not lost on me:)  

I hope that I am helping to sift information for you though, and give you access to a refined version of the overload that I have already suffered from?

For the next week I'm not going to read the newspaper, once, nor check my Facebook news feed, once during the day on my this is going to be tough!

Instead, for the next Week, I will dedicate time to reading books, rather than mindlessly following the lives or woes of others online via Facebook or in the Media, reading Newspapers and watching the News.

This is not going to be easy, but I will be interested to see if I feel any different as a result?

Anyone keen to join me for an information holiday for the next week?

Have a Happy Healthy non information over loaded week:)
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