Orange Pekoe

Monday, May 28

If I owned a tea room, I would call it Orange Pekoe.  And when I am big and have lots of money, I will live on the river in Barnes.

Last Monday and Tuesday I wore my winter coat to work, and by this weekend summer had finally arrived in London. 

This inspired Jen and I to head out to one of our favourite parts of London, you guessed it- Barnes, for breakfast and a wander along the high street on Saturday.

 We ate at one of my favourite places

 And both ordered the Poached Eggs with Salmon

How delicious:)

Orange Pekoe's definition as per the wonderful Google, is a superior grade of black tea; grown in India and Sri Lanka.

The restaurant serves a selection of teas and meals and our Breakfasts felt so healthy, we probably lost weight whilst eating:) No hollandaise sauce on these plates!

The decor is quaint, the staff friendly, and the prices reasonable.

And then it was time for a walk along the shops on the high street and passed the pond.

London Summer, you are amazing.

Please stay now, and keep those rainy days for Week days only.

Enjoy the Summery Week Londoners

With sunscreen on of course:)

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