The Perfect Poo

Tuesday, May 15

Following on from my post yesterday Why some People Live Skid Marks, (which you should read first if you haven't already) Elizabeth Peyton Jones in her Book Eat Yourself Young, also dedicates a few pages to bowel habits.

She says that a sluggish gut also leads to Early Ageing and recommends checking your gut's own transit time.

To do this, take 5-10g of charcoal two hours before eating, and five hours before bed.  Check how long it takes for your pooh to come out black.  The perfect time is 12-24 hours.  Anything more, and sluggish gut movement could cause toxic build-up. Anything less, and nutrients are not being absorbed properly.

I haven't tried this yet, but one of my friends says she did, and was pleased to find she was comfortably within the normal range!

She also describes "Perfect Pooping", and says that

a healthy poo should look like a smooth banana with a point at one end, well hydrated with no mucus on it.  If yours looks like rabbit droppings or compacted balls welded together, it has been sitting in the colon for too long.  

She says that people often don't realise that they are constipated - especially if they poo everyday.  But if it is hard or difficult to expel, then you are probably constipated.

Have a Happy Healthy Perfect Poo day:)

PS: Disclaimer, Again, I have just taken excerpts from Elizabeth Peyton Jones' book.  This information is no substitute for seeking Medical Advice from a Doctor if there is anything that you are concerned about!

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