Olivia Newton John's Health Philosophy after Breast Cancer

Tuesday, May 1

Pic from olivia-newtonjohn.com

I discovered a fabulous book this week, well actually Pete did, he saw it being reviewed on TV the other morning after I had already gone to work and said I should take a look.

And so I looked, and I loved!

Olivia Newton John, yes, as in Sandi who wore those leather tights in the Classic Grease movie with John Travolta, has released a cookbook.

The introduction to her book describes how 18 years on from her initial diagnosis of Breast Cancer after discovering a lump in her own breast, she considers herself not a Cancer Survivor, but a Cancer Thriver, and is feeling better than she has ever felt before.

Read what you should know about Breast Cancer and self breast examinations here.

Her philosophy as to how she has transformed her life pretty much perfectly sums up what I have discovered in the past few months, and what I now try to stick to. As you know I'm not really a fan of any quick fix miracle promising radical diets as discussed here

Olivia says:

"The easiest way to for me to explain my food philosophy is is to remember what goes up must come down.  What you eat goes in, and if it doesn't come out, it has to go somewhere else-like on your hips!  I believe that it starts with a combination of controlling portion size of what goes in, ensuring that the food is of the best quality you can find (organic is preferable), exercising regularly, drinking lots of water, and eating enough fibre to keep you internal intestinal wheels turning so that you can expel the waste, and any toxins, efficiently".

There is nothing in what she has said that is remarkably profound and we have heard parts of it all before.  

It's always good to be reminded though.

How much water did you drink today?

Have you exercised in the past few days? Do you have a valid excuse for not having exercised?

How much fibre did you have in your diet today?

Have a Happy Healthy Water drinking, fibre eating, exercising small portioned day!

PS Have a read tomorrow where I share a recipe that my lovely friend Jubes, who is staying with me this week, made us last night from Olivia's book!

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