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Tuesday, May 22

As you fabulous regular readers of this blog know, I was recently introduced to Flavoured Green Tea here, after realising here that I may be a little to fond of coffee here.

I was talking about Green Tea with one of my patients, and she was saying that flavoured or not, she hates green tea and reminded me of the Matcha Powder that Tea Pigs sells.   

I bought some a few weeks ago and I now add Matcha Powder to our Smoothies every morning! 

So What is Matcha?

100% Natural Organic Ground Tea Leaves-basically its concentrated green tea.

Green Goodness

What's the difference then between Green Tea and Matcha?

When you drink green tea, you are obviously not ingesting the entire leaf, and by throwing the tea bag out, some of the goodness is lost.  Matcha is drunk as a fine powder diffused in liquid and so you actually ingest the whole leaf, consuming every last bit of goodness!

Why is it so good for you?

It apparently contains more antioxidants per gram than gojiberries, spinach or blueberries!

1 Serving = the goodness of 15 Cups of Green Tea

It can Boost your Metabolism

It raises Energy levels 

So I emailed the good people at Tea Pigs and they have SO kindly offered to sponsor a give away for one of you fabulous readers to win a Matcha Kit worth £32,50!

This is What the Kit Consists of:

 Matcha, Shot Glass, cool badge and Whizzer

To enter, leave a comment on this blog post.  Liking Berry Diaries on Facebook, also gives you another entry, so if you do "like" Berry Diaries on Facebook, leave another comment on this blog post saying so, and you will have doubled your chances of winning!

And, it gets better, if you aren't the lucky winner, you can still buy some Matcha with a promotion code that they have created JUST for the Berry Diaries and get 20% off! The code for this is MATCHABLOG12.

If you haven't already tasted any Tea Pigs products, I suggest you have a look at their site and get yourself some of one of my favourites from there, this Chamomile Flower, Caffeine Free teabag.  

And the tea bag is even bio degradable:)

Also while I was perusing their blog on their site, I discovered this awesome give away that they are doing!

So Comment away to win this healthy prize to get all the Goodness of Green Tea without even having to drink any!

Competition ends on the 5th of June!

Have a Happy Health Day

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