Why some people leave Skid Marks and What your Poo says about You

Monday, May 14

Five years at boarding school, followed by house shares at University and whilst living in London, have resulted in resulted in years of unavoidable bathroom sharing for me, and most of my friends.

I think we've all had that housemate who leaves evidence of their toileting long after they have flushed and left the bathroom. According to Dr Gillian McKeith in her book You are What you Eat, leaving skid marks in the toilet bowl can be reduced by eating more good quality fibre in your diet. It happens because the poo's have too much mucus in them, and so they slide and stick to the edge of the toilet. Reducing alcohol and dairy intake and having more foods higher in enzymes is also recommended.

 And then there is that awkward situation when it's been an hour since the toilet was vacated, you open the door and you are accosted by the a smell so foul that if you were able to wade through the dense wall that the smell physically creates, toward the toilet bowl, you would retch into it. Dr McKeith attributes these rotten smelling poos to poor digestion and food stagnating in your large intestine. This means you are toxic, your gut is overly acidic and you are in need of digestive enzymes. She recommends taking some digestive enzyme capsules and juicing fresh fresh vegetables daily at home.

 The most disgusting, I think,  is going to find that the toilet hasn't been flushed. According to Dr Mckeith, it may in fact already have been flushed. Greasy poos that won't go down are due to a liver imbalance, and one of the things she recommends is eating more liver strengthening foods such as broccoli, cabbage,cauliflower, garlic, eggs, nuts and seeds.

 Getting more personal, if you ever find that your poos are looking more like they came from a rabbit than a human, then your liver is congested and needs help, and you need to do a liver detox.

If your poo is looking more yellow or beige than brown, you probably struggling to digest fatty foods. And you are likely to be deficient in essential fatty acids, the good fats. Eat more fish, avo's, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and consider sprinkling flax seeds over salads too.

Gross, I can see food in there!
 She says it's normal to see sweet corn in your pooh, as the outer skin is fairly indigestible. Remnants of other foods though may be an indication of a weak digestive system and that you aren't chewing your food for long enough.

Oh no, is that a worm in there?
 If you ever see a worm in the toilet bowl, she has some nutritional advice but I think a trip to the Doctor to deworm ASAP is the best plan.

Mine are never solid...
 Ongoing loose and runny poos, should also not be ignored and she has a number of options that she recommends to improve this,but seeing a Doctor for anything out of the ordinary is really advised!

This finding a moment to scratch when no one is looking is getting awkward...
 An itchy bottom is also an awkward one, Dr McKeith says this is usually due to worms, food sensitivities or hemorrhoids. If you do have an ongoing itch, please wash your hands A LOT so as to not spread the need to scratch!

 I can imagine some of my friends disbelief reading this, as I HATE toilet humour or any kind of poo talk usually, and I've shuddered slightly each time I've typed the word poo. Shudder again.

However, I hope that you've found this as interesting as I did.

 And I know one person who is reading this and thinking if only she had managed to get her housemate to eat more fibre, their house share may have survived??

 Apologies if this has been a little too much pooh talk, shudder, than you would have liked. But then I guess you would have stopped reading by now...

 Have a happy healthy normal poo week and have  a read tomorrow where I describe what the Perfect Poo should look like

PS: Disclaimer, I have just taken excerpts from Dr McKeiths book.  This information is no substitute for seeking Medical Advice from a Doctor if there is anything that you are concerned about!

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