And Breathe...

Wednesday, June 27

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A few years ago, if anyone had told me that deep breathing would form an integral part of the Physio treatments that I do every day-I probably would have laughed!  But as anyone of my patients that is reading this now already knows, I am a big fan of deep controlled breathing as also discussed here.

And I think that with more and more people taking up Yoga and Pilates, where the breath is used in conjunction with many of the exercises, many more of us are becoming aware of the power of breathing.

Moments of Happiness

Tuesday, June 26

Thinking about my post yesterday and taking pleasure in the small things...below are a few pictures from the weekend of little things that I appreciated.

Have lunch with a friend

Monday, June 25

I am reading the very popular book Anticancer, by Dr David Servan-Schreiber at the moment.

He discusses a topic that I have pondered on numerous occasions.

 What really Matters at the end of the Day?

He shares a letter written by a senator in the early 60's, shortly after he discovered that he had a very serious cancer.

High Tea at the W Hotel

Wednesday, June 20

High Tea at a plush hotel is something that every girl needs to do, at least once!

Me, Nik, Jubes, Bean, Jen and Nix

How Nixon contributed to the world's Obesity problem

Tuesday, June 19

Thank you so much to everyone for all the kind messages that you have sent me after my post
yesterday.  I am so excited for the next chapter in my working life:)

In my daily blog reading today, I really enjoyed this post by my fabulous friend, Little Miss Medic, her stories about working as a Doctor in a South Africa, are always really interesting and usually either really inspiring or hilarious!

A friend also sent me this link to a documentary that I found fascinating about obesity in the UK and the US, called "The Men who made us Fat."  It's and hour long, really well put together and discusses why the world has the rising the obesity problem that it does.

What Steve Jobs asked himself every single day

Monday, June 18

Steve Jobs gave a speech at a Stanford University Graduation Ceremony in 2005.

He described three events from his life, that shaped how he went on to create the mighty Apple empire, now the most valuable company in the world.  He mentioned how each day, he would look in the mirror, and ask himself: 

"If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?" 

He continues.

"Whenever the answer has been "No" for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something."

There is no way that all of us would be able to answer Yes to his Question every single day.  But a No, for a few days (or Weeks) in a row, is likely to be a sign that we need to make some lifestyle alterations.

My own experience with Melanoma Cancer earlier this year has made me so much more aware of the value of each day.

Thought for the Day

Thursday, June 14

Thursday thought for the day!

Are you not sick or are you healthy?

Have a Healthy Weekend!

Make Someone's Day

Wednesday, June 13

Pete's gran is 93 years old and fantastic for her age. She lives in her own little house in a retirement village in Durban in South Africa,  and she is absolutely lovely.  She frequently writes letters to Pete, and being a typical boy, whilst he is good at calling her, he is not as sharp on the letter front.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to write to her and send her a small something to go with it. With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee fever approaching London at this time, I found a commemorative tea towel online and sent this to her with a card.

I then got quite carried away, and bought three more to send to South Africa.

We posted them off as a surprise.

How to act if your friend gets Cancer

Tuesday, June 12

I was extremely lucky whilst I was off on sick leave earlier this year after my Melanoma Cancer surgery,  to have my Mum and my friend Lori come from South Africa to be with me.  I also had at least one, but usually 2,3 or 4 friends visit me everyday.  My phone rang constantly and I spent a lot of time replying to texts, emails and facebook messages from my friends and family from all over, who were concerned about how I was doing.

After each visit to my Surgeon or Oncologist I would spend at least half an hour sending off messages to everyone to update them.   And on the day that I found out that the cancer hadn't spread to my lymph nodes and when the PET scan showed that there was no cancer anywhere else, there were mini celebrations had all over the world by loads of the wonderful people that I know.

My advice to anyone who has a friend or relative that is diagnosed with Cancer or having treatment for it, is to connect with them! Email, text, phone or write a card, and VISIT a lot.  Let them know that you care and that they are in your thoughts. 

Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chick Pea Curry

Monday, June 11

My herbs are still growing beautifully and last night I wanted to make something that could be garnished with Coriander.

And as I have said before, I am no Nigella!

I discovered this recipe earlier this year and with my mission to live more healthily recently, it has become a regular dinner for us.  It's really simple to make, and good for you too.

Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chick Pea Curry
served on giant couscous

Thought for the Day

Thursday, June 7

I read this today, and most certainly agree...

Beetroot Juice to help your Liver after a Night Out

Wednesday, June 6

Firstly, Congratulations to Beany for winning the Tea Pigs Matcha Giveaway! The true random number generator announced comment number 9 to be the winner, and so well done my friend!

The past weekend involved a lot of eating and drinking in celebration of Queen's 60 year reign over England.  It has definitely been the unhealthiest weekend of 2012 for me .  As of today, I am back on track.  And my liver and my digestive system are jointly rejoicing at this thought.

Thinking back to the posts I wrote a few weeks ago, about pooh and what a healthy looking tongue should look like.  Yesterday, things were looking very askew.

This got me thinking about Beetroot, as I remembered reading that it was a good detoxifier, and I had some in the fridge.

Happy Jubilee Celebrations with Friends

Tuesday, June 5

This Weekend marked 60 years that the Queen Elizabeth has reigned over England.  And I, along with most of the UK got completely swept up in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations!  

On Sunday, we invited a few friends over for Brunch and to watch from our balcony, some of the 1000 boats that made up the flotilla, go down the Thames.

A few of the boats going past.

Growing herbs in a London Flat

Friday, June 1

My Mum has a herb garden, and it's fantastic.  Whenever we are cooking at our Family home, and need to add any herbs, we step out the Kitchen door, and over to the garden bed just outside.   Depending on what season it is, there is usually something ready and waiting to be plucked from from the ground, to add extra flavour and goodness to any meal.

My Parents do live on a farm in South Africa, and also have someone who tends to their garden on a full time basis.

I love adding fresh herbs to food, the problem in London is that usually the packet or pot of herbs that I buy goes off before I have used it all.

I recently decided to try and grow my own herbs.  Living in a flat in London, with some of the worst May weather that the UK has ever seen, I was not expecting this venture to be much of a success.

I went to B and Q, on the way home from work, and bought a Grow your Own Herb Kit, including the Pot, for £6.  I thought £6 pounds was a small enough risk to take.

We followed the  instructions and planted the seeds.  Jubes was helping me and opted to mix all the seeds around, and so I did wonder how they would grow.

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