Beetroot Juice to help your Liver after a Night Out

Wednesday, June 6

Firstly, Congratulations to Beany for winning the Tea Pigs Matcha Giveaway! The true random number generator announced comment number 9 to be the winner, and so well done my friend!

The past weekend involved a lot of eating and drinking in celebration of Queen's 60 year reign over England.  It has definitely been the unhealthiest weekend of 2012 for me .  As of today, I am back on track.  And my liver and my digestive system are jointly rejoicing at this thought.

Thinking back to the posts I wrote a few weeks ago, about pooh and what a healthy looking tongue should look like.  Yesterday, things were looking very askew.

This got me thinking about Beetroot, as I remembered reading that it was a good detoxifier, and I had some in the fridge.

Jar of Beetroot

I had a look through Elizabeth Peyton Jones' Book, Eat Yourself Young, and she mentions the following.

The Rich Purply Red Colour is caused by a pigment called betalain.  These pigments are highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and are very efficient at neutralizing toxins.  They do this by attaching themselves to toxins, and change the toxins chemical composition, so that they become water soluble and can easily be excreted from the body.  This is why drinking beetroot juice after a big night out is an excellent way to help to rid yourself of all those nasty alcoholic toxins.

Beetroot is also a good source of fibre, and the high fibre content is also good for immune enhancing and detoxing.  Beetroot helps to keep the colon moving waste along at a healthy rate too.

Beetroot is is also an excellent source of betaine, a liver-protecting nutrient.  A well functioning liver ensures that you have higher energy levels, and weight loss is easier to achieve.  Betaine works as a 'methyl donor', giving up methyl molecules to promote the liver's detox and fat processing functions and generating cellular renewal.  Betaine also gives protection against the chemical damage caused by diabetes and alcohol.

Elizabeth recommends the following 

Home made Beetroot Juice:

50 g Watercress.
2 Raw Baby Beetroot, peeled and cut into wedges.
2 Large Carrots, peeled.
1 Celery Stick, trimmed and roughly chopped.
1 Apple.
1/4 tsp Turmeric.

To make, stir the Tumeric into the juiced vegetables and apple.

However chances are, if you have had a late night, you probably aren't feeling up to doing much juicing when you get up.  So rather than reaching for a Red Bull or a Coke at the Shop the next day, grab yourself a ready made beetroot juice instead:)

I love this organic one from Waitrose:

A jar of Beetroot keeps really well in the fridge too.  Buy some to have with your lunch or dinner, for extra goodness and adding some fabulous colour to your meal.  I had a healthy side of beetroot tonight after reading the above!

Have a happy Beetroot juice drinking liver detoxing week!
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