Growing herbs in a London Flat

Friday, June 1

My Mum has a herb garden, and it's fantastic.  Whenever we are cooking at our Family home, and need to add any herbs, we step out the Kitchen door, and over to the garden bed just outside.   Depending on what season it is, there is usually something ready and waiting to be plucked from from the ground, to add extra flavour and goodness to any meal.

My Parents do live on a farm in South Africa, and also have someone who tends to their garden on a full time basis.

I love adding fresh herbs to food, the problem in London is that usually the packet or pot of herbs that I buy goes off before I have used it all.

I recently decided to try and grow my own herbs.  Living in a flat in London, with some of the worst May weather that the UK has ever seen, I was not expecting this venture to be much of a success.

I went to B and Q, on the way home from work, and bought a Grow your Own Herb Kit, including the Pot, for £6.  I thought £6 pounds was a small enough risk to take.

We followed the  instructions and planted the seeds.  Jubes was helping me and opted to mix all the seeds around, and so I did wonder how they would grow.

A Week Later I was pleasantly surprised to see a few shoots rising their heads.

Another Week later, the plants continued to grow.

First came coriander, then watercress, with basil rising from the earth at a more leisurely pace.

And on Sunday, a month after the herbs were planted, I took them onto the balcony for their first taste out of the outdoors, now that summer has finally arrived.

They have been growing leaning towards the balcony for the past few weeks, and swayed happily in the breeze.

I'm looking forward to using the herbs in my cooking this week.

Just shows, we can all grow our own herbs.  

In a 3rd floor London flat in dreary weather, with some water once a week and with no pesticides or fertilizer.

I wonder if these are Organic?

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