Have lunch with a friend

Monday, June 25

I am reading the very popular book Anticancer, by Dr David Servan-Schreiber at the moment.

He discusses a topic that I have pondered on numerous occasions.

 What really Matters at the end of the Day?

He shares a letter written by a senator in the early 60's, shortly after he discovered that he had a very serious cancer.

A change came over me which I believe is irreversible. 
 Questions of prestige, of political success, of financial status, became all at once unimportant.  In those first hours when I realized I had cancer, I never thought of my seat in the Senate, of my bank account, or of the destiny of the free world...My wife and I have not had a quarrel since my illness was diagnosed.  I used to scold her about squeezing the toothpaste from the top instead of the bottom, about not catering to my fussy appetite, about making up guest lists without consulting me, about spending too much money on clothes.  Now I am unaware of such matters, or they seem irrelevant....
In their stead has come a new appreciation of things I once took for granted - eating lunch with a friend, scratching Muffet's ears and listening for his purrs, the company of my wife, reading a book or a magazine in the quiet cone of my bed lamp at night, raiding the refrigerator for a glass of orange juice or slice of coffee cake.  For the first time I think I am actually savouring my life.  I realize, finally, that I am immortal.  I shudder when I remember all the occasions that I spoiled for myself - even when I was in the best of health - by false pride, synthetic values, and fancied slights.

Earlier this year I gained an understanding of  how this man feels.

Forget the small stuff.


Work like you don't need money,

 love like you've never been hurt

and dance like no one's watching. 

Author Unknown

Have lunch with a friend this week:)

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