Make Someone's Day

Wednesday, June 13

Pete's gran is 93 years old and fantastic for her age. She lives in her own little house in a retirement village in Durban in South Africa,  and she is absolutely lovely.  She frequently writes letters to Pete, and being a typical boy, whilst he is good at calling her, he is not as sharp on the letter front.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to write to her and send her a small something to go with it. With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee fever approaching London at this time, I found a commemorative tea towel online and sent this to her with a card.

I then got quite carried away, and bought three more to send to South Africa.

We posted them off as a surprise.

And then  waited two weeks to see if the South African postal system would do us proud, or if a South African post office worker would become the new owner of a printed tea towel, or 4.

This whole process made me think (again) about Gretchen Ruben's book, where she says we can not underestimate the happiness rendered in the anticipation and planning of an event, and that this is often as enjoyable as the actual action.

Two and a half weeks later the tea towels and cards had all reached their destinations and the recipients were delighted! I got the kindest texts, email and facebook msgs in thanks from three of them.

Pete's Gran called on the day that she got  it, and within a week had we had received a letter from her in the post in thanks.

 What a legend!

And then today, in the wonderful way that life so often turns out, I received a surprise gift in the post at work. I had been chatting a few weeks ago, to a lovely lady about a book that she recommended, and she sent it to me unexpectedly today! 

It has made my week!

And so,

In thinking about the happiness that I experienced in sending the tea towels home.

And the affection with which they were received.

And my delight at receiving my surprise gift today.

Why don't you send a surprise card or small gift in the post to someone you love, and make their day?

Have a Happy make someone else's day, day:)
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