Moments of Happiness

Tuesday, June 26

Thinking about my post yesterday and taking pleasure in the small things...below are a few pictures from the weekend of little things that I appreciated.

I embroidered this anchor shape onto a babygrow for my friend Cath for her baby shower on Saturday. 
I loved doing it!

How gorgeous is this flower arrangement on the treats table at the shower

And the sweet pea flowers in the middle of the table with all the sweet treats around them

And the pastel colours of the macaroons

And at home:

The orchid that Pete gave me for Valentines Day last year seems to have a new flower everyday

And on Sunday evening there was more blue in the sky outside my window than I have seen in Weeks!

The one moment I didn't capture with my camera, was lunch on Sunday with my friends Rob and Em, who it was lovely to see after absolute ages!

Capture a moment each day this week. In your head or with a picture.

  Something that you look at, pause and enjoy... 

Although I think a rain free day will surely top this for anyone who lives in London this week :)
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