Olympic Excitement!

Monday, July 30

My friend Lori text me last Week from South Afica and asked if everyone in London was getting excited for the Olympics.  I had to answer honestly that most peoples excitement was being dampened by the thought of awful commutes by public transport on the way to work.  

Last week there seemed to be more travel disruptions than usual on the train networks, and every Physio or Patient that arrived (late) in our department, was bemoaning "how much worse" it would be this week, when the games began.

Today I got a seat on the train both ways, and there was no evidence of the pandemonium that we had been lead to expect.  Not even at Waterloo station, advised to be a 'travel hotspot',  and to be avoided at all costs.  So either everyone else has been avoiding the trains, or else the London Transport system has managed to absorb the 1 million extra passengers with miraculous ease.  This I highly doubt.  Or perhaps more people are away for the Olympics than anyone expected.  I read at one point that it was hoped that a third of the population would work from home.  I only know of one person that really is watching TV from his sofa and working at the same time for the next 2 weeks!

The 5 types of Sun Worshippers on every Beach

Thursday, July 26

As mentioned here, Pete and I went to Lagos in Portugal this weekend. It is a very popular holiday destination for English tourists, and considering that prior to this past week we have seen no sunshine at all
in the UK....

It is unsurprising that  the majority of our fellow beach goers were very pale British Passport holders.
Being even more sun conscious after treatment for melanoma cancer for 3rd time this year, I find it fascinating to observe how others expose themselves to the sun.

I think that generally, beach goers fall into 5 categories.

Lagos Then and Now

Monday, July 23

This weekend, Pete and I went to Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal, for four days of  sunshine.

On Friday,  I managed to accidentally (all my friends would agree this was an accident, my sense of direction is hopeless), to lead us to the legendary Rising Cock Hostel.  This is where we stayed the first time that I was in Lagos was in 2008, when Portugal was the first stop on our nine week Euro backpacking trip. 

Fresh Lemon, Ginger and Mint Tea

Wednesday, July 18

I've mentioned before how I love a fresh mint tea, and my friend Nik made us a lovely fresh tea in her newly acquired gorgeous little set this weekend!

Baked Chicken with Yoghurt and Spices

Tuesday, July 17

I am very often faced with the dilemma upon leaving work, of what to pick up from the shops on the way home to cook for dinner.  I asked for some inspiration as I left the Physio department week, and one of the girls said I should google a recipe for Chicken cooked with yoghurt and spices.

Well google I did, and the resultant dinner with a recipe by Nigel Slater, was not only a healthier take on a chicken casserole, but also delicious!

Is Yoga beneficial to Cancer Patients and Survivors?

Wednesday, July 11

Following on from my post yesterday regarding cancer and exercise, Yoga is often recommended for Cancer patients, particularly those who have had breast cancer.

Pic from escapeartistblog

Is it Safe to Exercise during Cancer treatment?

Tuesday, July 10

My Patients often ask me if it safe to exercise whilst they are undergoing treatment for cancer, and many are surprised with I respond with a very ardent YES!  

Whilst the thought of engaging in exercise sounds awful when you are going through chemo or radiation therapy, recovering from surgery or just trying to process the massive life changing event that has been thrown in your path, it really is a good idea.

The American Cancer Society has recently released their Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer where they have reviewed over 300 studies that have been conducted recently on nutrition and physical activity for cancer survivors.

Simple Strawberry Desserts

Monday, July 9

With Wimbledon fever having recently passed through South West London, and with it the opportunity to buy very overpriced delicious, strawberries, one of the defining features of a London Summer for me, is a serving of strawberries.  

We had a bbq at my cousins last week, as my Aunt, Pril has been here on holiday from South Africa.

Meg served strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

You just can't go wrong with this simple combination!

Another Strawberry dessert favourite of mine is strawberries dipped in melted chocolate, left to set in the fridge.

A dessert is seldom going to be the epitome of nutrition, but the above ones ensure that you are getting some  goodness with the delciousness....

Strawberries are the most widely consumed berry in the world.  Below are some of the facts about them, as per Tonia Reinhard in Superfoods.

Strawberries are:

An excellent source of Vitamin C, folate, fiber and manganese.

A good source of vitamin K, potassium and magnesium.

They contain numerous antioxidant phytochemicals and flavonoids.

Studies have shown that the phytochemicals in strawberries  prevent the oxidation of LDL cholestrol, improve the functioning of blood vessels, and reduce blood clotting and inflammation-these effects all work together to lower the risk for heart disease.

Happy Strawberry Eating, and may they remind us a little of what summer used to be like in London before it rained ever single day...

Thought for Thursday

Thursday, July 5

Thanks to my gorgeous cousin Jess for sending me this yesterday!

Have a lovely Weekend everyone! 

We are off to Galway to see the end of the Volvo Ocean Race:)

Surprise Date Night:)

Wednesday, July 4

In the past two weeks since I resigned from my job, I have felt like I am already on holiday, even though I am still working out my notice and will have my last day on the 31st July! 

Considering that there has been hardly any Summer sunshine to be seen, I have been loving my days:)

Last Monday, Pete arranged a surprise date for us, as a belated celebration to mark the three years that we have been together.  I met him at Leicester Square Station at 5:30 pm after work, to find out what we were off to do.

Polenta Chips - Are they healthier than Potato Chips?

Tuesday, July 3

On Saturday I managed to lure Pete into 4 hours of Shopping at Westfield Shopping Centre.  This was a pretty mighty feat, and one I'm sure won't be repeated in the very near future!

The success of this adventure was probably almost entirely down to lunch halfway through at Jamie Olivers Italian Restaurant, Jamies Italian, whilst we were there.

Courgette Cake - Delicious, I promise!

Monday, July 2

On Friday afternoon, Bindy and I went to the Natural Kitchen on the Marylebone hight street, for a soy chai latte and shared a delicious piece of cake.  The cake had courgette (zucchini) in it, and so this obviously classifies it as healthy, doesn't it?

Yesterday I was having some friends around for tea, and happened to have two courgettes in the fridge, and so quite optimistically, I attempted to make the cake.

I found a recipe online and after much googling of conversions from grams to cups, I really do need a scale, I recreated the cake.  It turned out really well, although next time I would halve the bicarbonate of soda, as I could taste it.  Although my very polite guests assured me that they could not!

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