Fresh Lemon, Ginger and Mint Tea

Wednesday, July 18

I've mentioned before how I love a fresh mint tea, and my friend Nik made us a lovely fresh tea in her newly acquired gorgeous little set this weekend!

The benefits of mint I've mentioned before here, the goodness of fresh ginger here and lovely properties of lemon are mentioned here.

Here are the simple steps to creating this healthy and refreshing drink.

Get your ingredients together.

Slice ginger and lemon, and pull mint leaves off their stem.

Place in the strainer of  a cute little tea pot, if you have one, otherwise just add to boiling water.

Allow to simmer a for a few minutes.

Add a little Honey as per your taste.

 You could pour through a sieve or strainer of you haven't used a tea pot with one.

And enjoy with great friends!

We are off to Portugal tomorrow for a long weekend, so  I will be back next week:)

Looking forward to experiencing some sunshine finally, it's been a long time since I was in sunny South Africa in December...
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