Is Yoga beneficial to Cancer Patients and Survivors?

Wednesday, July 11

Following on from my post yesterday regarding cancer and exercise, Yoga is often recommended for Cancer patients, particularly those who have had breast cancer.

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The American Cancer Society's Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer where they have reviewed over 300 studies related to nutrition and exercise  - surmises the following:

Yoga significantly improves:

Psychological health outcomes, including anxiety, depression, distress and stress.

While yoga appears to have an impact on psychosocial function, the benefits related to body composition, fitness, and muscle strength are less evident.

A combination of yoga with aerobic exercise and resistance training should be considered to maximize the benefit for cancer survivors.

I absolutely LOVE yoga and recommend it to most of my breast cancer patients, I find it particularly effective for patients who have had axillary lymph node biopsies or clearances, and have any shoulder stiffness or cording...

I have seen some great results from people doing Yoga, it's good for your soul and learning to control your breathing too...

Happy Yoga-ing!
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