Olympic Excitement!

Monday, July 30

My friend Lori text me last Week from South Afica and asked if everyone in London was getting excited for the Olympics.  I had to answer honestly that most peoples excitement was being dampened by the thought of awful commutes by public transport on the way to work.  

Last week there seemed to be more travel disruptions than usual on the train networks, and every Physio or Patient that arrived (late) in our department, was bemoaning "how much worse" it would be this week, when the games began.

Today I got a seat on the train both ways, and there was no evidence of the pandemonium that we had been lead to expect.  Not even at Waterloo station, advised to be a 'travel hotspot',  and to be avoided at all costs.  So either everyone else has been avoiding the trains, or else the London Transport system has managed to absorb the 1 million extra passengers with miraculous ease.  This I highly doubt.  Or perhaps more people are away for the Olympics than anyone expected.  I read at one point that it was hoped that a third of the population would work from home.  I only know of one person that really is watching TV from his sofa and working at the same time for the next 2 weeks!

Since the ceremony on Friday evening, there has been a palpable 'buzz' of excitement throughout London...
We saw the fly over out of our window whilst watching the ceremony on TV which was pretty cool.  

With compulsory rain drops in foreground.

I can only imagine how incredible it must have been to watch it live.  I am so jealous of anyone that did, and of anyone who got to watch the dress rehearsals!

I've heard only good reports (aside from the number of open seats at events) from anyone who has been to an event in the past few days, and much surprise at the ease of accessing the venues too.

I sincerely hope that I am not jinxing our transport luck for when Pete and I head off to see a few events.  We are very fortunate to be going to see watch men's hockey on Friday (and South Africa is playing-just by chance), the Waterpolo on Saturday, and the Womens Football final next Wednesday.

All these super toned athletes on TV certainly are inspiring me embark on some trips to the gym. And I haven't even watched any Women's Beach Volleyball yet....

And it's my last day of work tomorrow-so then I will have no excuses!

Have a Happy Olympics Watching day.

And may South Africa get another gold-well done Cameron on your brilliant win!
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