Surprise Date Night:)

Wednesday, July 4

In the past two weeks since I resigned from my job, I have felt like I am already on holiday, even though I am still working out my notice and will have my last day on the 31st July! 

Considering that there has been hardly any Summer sunshine to be seen, I have been loving my days:)

Last Monday, Pete arranged a surprise date for us, as a belated celebration to mark the three years that we have been together.  I met him at Leicester Square Station at 5:30 pm after work, to find out what we were off to do.

First stop was a Delicious dinner at J-Sheekey Seafood and Oyster Bar.

I was dying to take a few pictures of my Oyster starter and Sea Trout with Caramelised Chicory and Citrus main course, but I think that might have been slightly frowned upon by the other patrons and very attentive waitering staff in the restaurant....

Next stop after our stunning meal, The theatre.

Pete and I had both seen the show before we met each other, and loved it, and I was delighted to be able to watch it again, together...

Yes, you guessed it...

And with amazing seats 2nd row from the front, which made a change from the first time I saw it sat up in the rafters of the theatre.

So close that I probably would have seen pretty well without my new glasses!

Thanks for the great surprise date my favouritest.  You are the best!
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