A Very Cool Story.

Friday, August 31

I met Sarah Anderson through the hospital where I used to work, and I often think after having spent time with her, that I want to be just like her when I grow up. She travels loads and has travelled all over the world, paints beautifully, reads extensively, writes and is really nice too.

The business that she started in 1979 as a result of her passion for travel also became world famous when Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts hung out there together surrounded by books...yes Sarah started the The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill, featured in the 1998 movie Notting Hill.

Let us all be inspired to Move!

Wednesday, August 29

"A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world." –Paul Dudley White

A friend of mine is working as a Volunteer Physio at the Para Olympics, and she says that the past week that she has been there whilst all the athletes are training, has been one of the most inspiring times of her life.

Seeing the Athletes enter the stadium tonight in the Opening Ceremony, I am already amazed by their incredible ability to overcome their physical difficulties and compete in gruelling events.

Wonderful and Most Excellent against all diseases of the body...?

Monday, August 27

I met a lady last year who had been told by Doctors two years previously that she was in urgent need of a Liver transplant. She said that upon hearing this and after years of being under the care of various Doctors and endless blood tests and medications, and not feeling at all well, she decided that not only did she not want the transplant, she no longer wanted any of their opinions nor treatments and so discharged herself from their Medical care.  

Instead, two years later, she was seeing a Psychic regularly, eating healthily and meditating, and had never felt better.

Now I have no idea if she was telling the entire truth, but she did look well and happy with her everyday life.

I've always been quite sceptical about alternative remedies and the power of non clinically or scientifically proven methods to cure ailments, and at the time I thought that this woman was crazy.  

Are you talking to Me?

Friday, August 24

This week I spent ages chatting to the Newsagents owner's son about the colour that they have just painted the outside of their shop.  And looking through the colour palettes of the colours that they had almost chosen.  And played with their kitten whilst he called the Magazine distributors to see if he could get me a copy of the July UK Tatler Magazine (I'm super excited to be in the social pages, after attending the Eat Yourself Young Book Launch)....and dying for my own copy after my friend Emily spotted me in it while she waited at the Dentists.

But I digress.

  I also had a long chat yesterday evening with the teller at the ridiculously busy Waterloo station M&S whilst I paid for my salmon fillets.  About how he sometimes wishes he could just sit under the counter and have some peace, and how being the corner most till, he may actually get away with it, without anyone noticing.

Now in South Africa, and I'm sure in many other parts of the world, conversations like this may be quite ordinary.

The Perfect Summer Salad

Thursday, August 23

Following my absolute delight yesterday at my biopsies being clear and me being 100% Cancer free, I was inspired to cook a nutritious but tasty meal for our friends that came for dinner last night.

My friend Bindy gave me the Ottolenghi Cookbook for my Birthday last week, and in this I found this great French Bean, Mangetout, Hazelnut and Orange Salad.  I served it together with this Yoghurt and Spices Chicken Bake, and wild rice, and the meal was pretty delicious if I do say so myself....

(my amateur photography skills really don't do this dish justice)

BEST news Ever!

Wednesday, August 22

I have just spoken to the Nurse at my Doctors Clinic and they got the results back on my Biopsies and it is ALL good news! 

No Cancer-All Clear!

And as my little brother Paddy just said-

"All Clear for Life"

Curly Kale Chips in the Cotswolds

After another very tough day in the Cotswolds on Monday, going for walks and generally just relaxing, we drove to Cirencester to buy some dinner.

Why rush back to London when you can stay in the Cotswolds?

Monday, August 20

A weekend in a gorgeous house in the Cotswolds with special friends and very un England like sunny weather is exactly what I needed after my emotional upset on Thursday.

A Horrible Doctor's Appointment followed by Birthday Drinks with Special Friends

Friday, August 17

Three months ago, in this post here, I elaborated on the fear that I experienced in the prelude to my previous three monthly check up at my Doctor.  I've also described before here, how the support of my friends and family kept me going during all my treatment for Melanoma cancer earlier this year.

Yesterday was my Birthday, and also the only available day that my Surgeon was able to see me for my check up.  Now I knew when I made this appointment a few weeks ago, that the timing wasn't ideal, but I had no other option.  The morning began with the usual feeling of dread, terror and fear about the impending visit, and loads of Birthday texts, calls and emails.  The day was largely overshadowed by the first half of the previous sentence.  And by the fact that I had the pleasure of collecting the very unattractive necessary compression sleeve that I need to wear to try and reduce the swelling in my right arm as a result of where my lymph nodes were taken in my axilla to check the cancer hadn't spread earlier this year... 

Breathe like a Bear and a Bumblebee...

Wednesday, August 15

I've mentioned before here what a fan I am of controlled breathing, and here the proven health benefits of yoga.

Recently I've treated a number of children that struggled to concentrate on any activity for more than a few minutes before their eyes and minds wandered off from the task at hand.  These children also often have poor coordination and weak core strength.  Thus I've found myself incorporating more and more Yoga breathing techniques and Yoga Postures to work on focussing, stretching and strengthening into my treatment sessions.

I was super excited when my friend Lisa (also a Children's Physio) told me about Yoga Pretzels by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish.  It is a box of 50 individual cards with different Yoga Activities.  It arrived the other day and it really is great for Grown ups and Kids of all ages!

Red Bean and Vegetable Quinoa Salad

Monday, August 13

This Weekend was great fun, but not very healthy!  

The 3 Most Important things in the World.

Wednesday, August 8

This year 'Happiness' has become one of my faviourite conversation topics, and  I've written about it a few times here, here and here.  Since all my health drama's this year, I have become acutely more aware of my own state of happiness and peacefulness and also of the happiness levels of those around me.

I was chatting to a friend earlier this week on Skype (the joys of modern technology allowing me to chat to someone in the East of Africa for free), and he said something very profound for a guy best known to me for drunken University antics.  "The thing is Lu," he said, "when you consider all the opportunities that we have had in our lives, it is completely our own fault if we aren't happy."

I have been thinking about this ever since.  He is absolutely right.  Any person who who lacks a basic resource such as food or warmth, is obviously excluded from this statement, as when one is fighting for basic survival, happiness isn't exactly on the top of the priority list.  Although it's amazing how often those with the least are the happiest.  I was going to put health in that sentence too, but after watching Joost Van Der Westhuizens interview on live radio here, I've left the word off.  For anyone who hasn't grown up in rugby mad South Africa, Joost is an ex professional rugby player, who has Motor Neurone Disease.  MND is a progressive neurological disease, that causes the muscles to waste away whilst the brain is unaffected.  In this interview, he discusses how the disease has actually made him happier.  He says he has finally realised what is important in his life and as a result is happier and more at peace with himself and the world than he has ever been before.

5 Cool "Green" facts about the Olympic Park

Tuesday, August 7

Following on from my post yesterday about hanging out at the Olympic Park over the weekend, I was talking to a friend about the venue, and he mentioned how impressed he was with the effort that was made to make the whole development as sustainable as possible.

Pic from the Guardian.co.uk

Why I loved watching some LIVE Olympic Action

Monday, August 6

And then finally this weekend we got a chance to experience some live Olympic Action!

 And to support South Africa.

We had tickets to the Men's Hockey on Friday night.

At the Fantastic Olympic Park.

Thought for Thursday

Thursday, August 2

Wow, being unemployed is tiring! I finished at work on Tuesday, and after a lovely surprise Breakfast in the Physio department and my last day seeing out patients and on the maternity ward, we all went for a few too many  glasses of wine after work.  And then it feels like yesterday and today I have been rushing around like crazy...

My friend Nik sent this too me today, I love it!

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