5 Cool "Green" facts about the Olympic Park

Tuesday, August 7

Following on from my post yesterday about hanging out at the Olympic Park over the weekend, I was talking to a friend about the venue, and he mentioned how impressed he was with the effort that was made to make the whole development as sustainable as possible.

Pic from the Guardian.co.uk

To be honest, I hadn't actually realised what lengths the developers had gone to, to ensure that the park was as 'green' as possible.  So in case you also were unaware, here are a few interesting facts about the London Olympic Park...

1) 90% of construction waste was diverted from landfill and was reused or recycled instead.

2) The cycling Velodrome is almost 100% naturally ventilated. Rainwater is collected from the 
roof for flushing toilets and for irrigation.

3) More than 4,000 trees, 74,000 plants, 60,000 bulbs and 300,000 wetland plants were planted to create a new open green space for London.

4) 45 hectares of wildlife habitats were created including reed beds, grasslands, ponds, woodlands, 525 bird boxes, 150 bat boxes and artificial otter holts.

5) In the Aquatics Centre, the concrete in the foundations of the venue has a high recycled content and the water used to clean the swimming pool filters is recycled for toilet flushing.

Have a look here if you would like to read any more about how they have tried to improve the quality of the environment at the same time as creating a World Class Sporting stage.

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