BEST news Ever!

Wednesday, August 22

I have just spoken to the Nurse at my Doctors Clinic and they got the results back on my Biopsies and it is ALL good news! 

No Cancer-All Clear!

And as my little brother Paddy just said-

"All Clear for Life"

Happy Happy Days...Thanks again to all the awesome people in my life. And to Pete for working from home today so that he could be here when I got the dreaded phone call.

A few tears of relief and joy, and now loads of excitement again for the next few months ahead.

So so so pleased I don't have to go to hospital in the next few days to have another chunk of tissue removed from me, nor to have any more scans, fear, pain or inevitable sadness.

Only good things ahead:)

Like planning a Wedding to the most fabulous Fiancee ever!
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