Breathe like a Bear and a Bumblebee...

Wednesday, August 15

I've mentioned before here what a fan I am of controlled breathing, and here the proven health benefits of yoga.

Recently I've treated a number of children that struggled to concentrate on any activity for more than a few minutes before their eyes and minds wandered off from the task at hand.  These children also often have poor coordination and weak core strength.  Thus I've found myself incorporating more and more Yoga breathing techniques and Yoga Postures to work on focussing, stretching and strengthening into my treatment sessions.

I was super excited when my friend Lisa (also a Children's Physio) told me about Yoga Pretzels by Tara Guber and Leah Kalish.  It is a box of 50 individual cards with different Yoga Activities.  It arrived the other day and it really is great for Grown ups and Kids of all ages!

Having had a very physically and emotionally draining past few days, this evening I was exhausted, and whilst  thinking about my dreaded three monthly review at my Doctor tomorrow, I spotted the Yoga Pretzels box in my bookshelf.

I pulled out two of the breathing cards, and after a few minutes of performing the Bear Breath and Bumblebee Breath, I felt a whole lot more relaxed.

The front of each card has a picture.

And the back of the card describes the exercise.

The Instructions are Simple, and the cards laminated.

I highly recommend these for anyone who has children or works with children, and for Grown ups too!

Available on Amazon...

Happy Bear and Bumblebee breathing....Hummmmmmmm
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