Why rush back to London when you can stay in the Cotswolds?

Monday, August 20

A weekend in a gorgeous house in the Cotswolds with special friends and very un England like sunny weather is exactly what I needed after my emotional upset on Thursday.

The weekend has been so good that Pete and my lovely friend Bindy went back to London last night to work today and the rest of us have stayed on at the house for another 2 days...Pretty easy to see why I've stayed on:) and why Bindy will come back here after work this evening!Thank goodness for a fabulous fiancee who goes to work to earn our keep so that I can just relax in the lovely countryside;) 

Just kidding, I have been doing a tiny bit of work and a lot of trashy novel reading, some preparation for my own physio practice and a whole lot of browsing through a bridal magazine!

Hope that everyone had a great weekend! 

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