Why I loved watching some LIVE Olympic Action

Monday, August 6

And then finally this weekend we got a chance to experience some live Olympic Action!

 And to support South Africa.

We had tickets to the Men's Hockey on Friday night.

At the Fantastic Olympic Park.

With it's beds of Wild Flowers.

And Incredible atmosphere.

Our Patriotic Supporter Gear.

Sat at  the edge of the Blue and Pink Hockey Pitch.

Watching the Players Warming Up.

And Playing.

I was so hoping that South Africa would sneak through with a win at the end, but unfortunately it was Spain that were the Victors.

On Saturday morning we arrived early and sat on the hill with masses of other people to watch the Athletics on the Big Screen.

It rained a bit, but not enough to make it unbearable.

And then went to watch Spain (again) versus Greece in the Waterpolo. 

The hundreds of Volunteers stationed throughout the Park were super friendly, and often very amusing with their commentary and occasional terrible sweet singing through their megaphones

This Volunteer with his Waterpolo 'mascot' was my favourite, even as he reassured crowds that there were not going to be any real Horses in the Swimming Pool, as we waited to enter...

Waterpolo Boys preparing for their game.

And Action.

There are a number of Waterways throughout the Park, and the Boat that carried the torch along the Thames is moored there too.

The food was less overpriced than expected, the longest I waited in a toilet queue was about two minutes, and the atmosphere was amazing!

And of course the Athletes were pretty world class too...
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