Wonderful and Most Excellent against all diseases of the body...?

Monday, August 27

I met a lady last year who had been told by Doctors two years previously that she was in urgent need of a Liver transplant. She said that upon hearing this and after years of being under the care of various Doctors and endless blood tests and medications, and not feeling at all well, she decided that not only did she not want the transplant, she no longer wanted any of their opinions nor treatments and so discharged herself from their Medical care.  

Instead, two years later, she was seeing a Psychic regularly, eating healthily and meditating, and had never felt better.

Now I have no idea if she was telling the entire truth, but she did look well and happy with her everyday life.

I've always been quite sceptical about alternative remedies and the power of non clinically or scientifically proven methods to cure ailments, and at the time I thought that this woman was crazy.  

However, the more that I seem to read on the subject, and the more that I embark myself on a journey towards being  more conscious of the nutritional and emotional status of my everyday being, the more convinced I am slowly becoming...

Now I'm certainly not going to can my Consultant for a Psychic and I don't believe that Western Medicine should be sidelined for alternative remedies, but I do definitely think that there is a place for complementary therapies alongside Modern day Medicine.  

And I do think if something may be of benefit and can't harm you, you may as well as try!

This Weekend we stayed in the beautiful village of Bradford on Avon.

and went for lovely walks

and delicious cream tea

and a canoe ride down the canal

(I really do seem to have that brown hat on in far too many of these recent blog posts!)

All very good for the soul.

We also went to the nearby City of Bath.

And on a tour of the Ancient Roman Baths there.

The water is green these days as the sunlight encourages the algae to grow, but when the Baths were in use from when the temple was constructed there in 60-70 AD and over the next 300 years when the Baths were used, it was covered with a roof, and the water clear.

The hot springs that supply the waters for the Bathing complex were considered to have significant healing properties, and whilst it was not only a social gathering for all walks of life, everyone appears to have believed in the curative powers of the waters.

Some of it's more notable qualities are listed on the bottles of it that you can buy below...

All quite intriguing, and like I said I am a little more open minded these days...and very keen on anything that may reduce my chances of getting another dreaded Melanoma.

So when we approached the drinking fountain, to sample the sulphorous tasting water...and everyone else gagged with their first sip.  

I drank the whole cup.

Because you just never know....
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