The 5 Love Languages

Thursday, September 27

The Marriage Preparation Course that we did last Saturday, also touched on the Five Love Languages, as discussed by Gary Chapman.  My friends Kerryn and Alice gave me this book for my Birthday a few years ago (when I was a singleton) and I absolutely adore it.

There are also other variations on the same theme, for those already in relationships. Chap,an surmises that there are fundamentally five ways to show and to be shown love.

These are:

Loving Words
Quality Time
Thoughtful Presents
Physical Affection
Kind Actions

It is important that you and those close to you, know how you like to be shown love, and that with your partner especially you know how each other like to be loved.  This is often influenced by our up bringing.

The Importance of Date Night

Monday, September 24

On Saturday, Pete and I went to our Marriage Preparation course, held at the All Saints and Holy Trinity Parish of Wandsworth, in Putney, with Greg and Judith Prior.  Greg is the Vicar of the Church, and Judith his wife of 19 years.  The course is typically held over 5 weeks, but as we were unable to attend any 5 consecutive weeks that it was running, we opted for this all in one day course.

The course was excellent, and as Greg said in the introduction, even if you are not a Christian, the topics and values covered in the course are pretty pertinent to any relationship.

One of the sections that stood out to me, was that of reminding us how important it is to spend quality time together with your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/other half.

This time creates opportunities for effective communication, and keeps romance, love and fun alive.  It also ensures that you change your usual routine and do something special. 

They recommend the following:

Daily Time Together:

A set time where you talk to each other without the interruption of the TV, telephone or computer.  Try to find a designated time everyday that becomes a habit of catching up with each other.


A 'date night' or 'marriage time' once a week.  Make this a priority and put it in your diary.


Have a mini-honeymoon every year, where you spend time together away from your usual everyday routine. These they say, help to revitalise relationships and rekindle the romance.

When last did you have a 'date night'?

If you are living in London and looking for Marriage Preparation Courses, I would really recommend Greg and Judith's Course! Contact details here.

Happy Quality Timimg with your loved one:)

Busy Busy Days!

Friday, September 21

I can't believe that it has been over a week since I last wrote a post! When I resigned from working at the Hospital, I thought I would have hours to spend writing and researching all sorts of cool things on here!

On Sunday I went to Belper, no I don't think anyone else has heard of it either, to do the 2 day refresher Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage and bandaging course, as is mandatory.  Belper is a tiny village in Derbyshire and quite pretty.  Not too much happens there, we ate at the same restaurant 3 times in a row, there weren't many options!  

Read more about what MLD is, on my fabulous new website here.

This week has been non stop with seeing patients and getting organised for going to South Africa next Thursday for two weeks, for a Wedding and some Wedding planning of our own.

Tomorrow we are doing our Marriage Preparation Course, I can't believe that in three months and one day I will be a Mrs!

Have a lovely weekend,

Eat Less Crap

Thursday, September 13

Thought for Thursday: 


Have a Lovely Weekend!

Sky News: Diet may Protect against Melanoma

Tuesday, September 11

 I have mentioned before how my Doctors recommended that I completely review my dietary intake following my treatment for Melanoma Cancer for the third time this year.

I came across this article from Sky News Australia this week.

Research has again proven that antioxidants and omega-3 fats are protective against cancer, in a study focussed on Melanoma Cancer.

"A diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fats could help protect against skin cancer, research suggests.
Dr Niva Shapira said the Greek-style Mediterranean diet could play a role in contributing to that country's low rates of melanoma compared to Europe and other sunny countries such as Australia.
"It's more than their olive skin," said Dr Shapira, a researcher from Tel Aviv who is presenting her findings this week at the International Congress of Dietetics in Sydney.

"We think the difference in skin cancer rates may be partially due to the different eating habits in these countries," she said.
Dr Shapira studied two groups of women exposed to the sun for four to six hours a day over two weeks, with one group drinking an antioxidant-enriched beverage and the other drinking water or soft drinks.

Levels of malondialdehyde, an indicator of oxidative stress in the body linked to cancer risk, increased by about 55 per cent in those drinking water but dropped by 16 per cent in the women who had the fortified beverage.
Dr Shapira conducted further studies that found tomato paste, a Greek staple containing antioxidants such as lycopene, reduced and delayed UV-induced skin redness.
She said antioxidants accumulate in the skin and form a first line of protection against UV radiation and cell damage.

Antioxidants are plentiful in other foods that form the traditional Mediterranean diet, including omega-3 fats from fish, omega-9 in olive oil, fruit, vegetables, herbs and tea, Dr Shapira said.
An antioxidant-rich diet may be useful along with current sun-smart advice, she said.
Dietitians Association of Australia spokesperson Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos said the research was promising.

Such a diet could be especially useful during childhood, when the risk of inducing melanoma was high, she said.

Israel once had the world's third-highest rate of skin cancer after Australia and New Zealand but recently dropped back to 18th.
In 2010 the Israeli Cancer Association recommended that sun smart behaviour should include the right nutrition."

Bring on those blueberries...


Monday, September 10

the crowds cheered as he entered the stadium

the inspirational man from our home country, in london,

the only competitor to compete in the both the olympics and the para olympics

and so guaranteed a win in the second,

or so we thought,

but as he stepped onto the track for the 11th time

a gold medal in 2012 had so far eluded him,

as nix and i sat with our south african flags and watched the track and field events prior to the race

the fear in our stomachs grew along with the anxiety of the british citizens sat us around us

everyone rooting for oscar,

for the man who has proven that disability does not condemn you from reaching for your dreams,

he appeared  confident as he warmed up,

although his nemesis oliveira was to race in the lane beside him,

'quiet for the start please'

and we were,

and then they were off,

he ran with all his might,

and the crowd was completely lost in those seconds,

all willing him on,

our breaths held as he came past us,

as he ran and ran

and he won


my hero

our hero

an inspiration to us all

what a privilege to have witnessed this.

thanks to nix and si for the ticket!

Every year More People visit Zoos than attend all Sporting Events combined.

Thursday, September 6

According to Eric Weiner in his book The Geography of Bliss, it is in our genes to find natural settings peaceful.

My Parents Farm in South Africa

He also mentions a study that was conducted by a Psychologist, Roger Ulrich, with patients that were recuperating from gallbladder surgery at a Pennsylvania hospital.  

Some patients were assigned to a room overlooking a small strand of deciduous trees.

Others were assigned to rooms that overlooked a brick wall. Ulrich described the results:

Patients with the natural window view had shorter post-operative hospital stays, had fewer negative comments in nurses' notes...and tended to have lower scores for minor post-surgical complications such as headache or nausea requiring medication.  Moreover, the wall view patients required many more injections of potent painkillers.

Weiner in his book, mentions this study in his book when he is in Switzerland on his quest to visit some of the happiest and least happy countries in the world.  Switzerland is frequently mentioned in the top 3 of the World's happiest countries, and after spending time there and speaking to a number of residents, the Swiss citizens all mention that their connection to the nature around them contributes to their happiness.  

Spend some time with nature.

Or around animals.

Cattle on our farm at home.

You are likely to feel happier as a result:)

Busy People are Happier and a few other facts about Happiness...

Tuesday, September 4

So if you hadn't already guessed,I am fascinated by the topic of happiness, and at the moment I'm reading another book about the subject called The Geography of Bliss, by Eric Weiner.

He says that so far, research on happiness has proved the following:

Some interesting points huh? Do you agree?

Apologies for the grainy look, my word design skills aren't too good, and when I put it into paint after typing it, it went like this!

Cinnamon and Blueberry Oats

Monday, September 3

I threw away my packs of Instant Oats after I mentioned here, how instant oats have a higher glycemic load than Steel cut or Rolled Oats, and how the Instant Oats although delicious with all that added sugar-really aren't that good for you.  

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