Busy Busy Days!

Friday, September 21

I can't believe that it has been over a week since I last wrote a post! When I resigned from working at the Hospital, I thought I would have hours to spend writing and researching all sorts of cool things on here!

On Sunday I went to Belper, no I don't think anyone else has heard of it either, to do the 2 day refresher Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage and bandaging course, as is mandatory.  Belper is a tiny village in Derbyshire and quite pretty.  Not too much happens there, we ate at the same restaurant 3 times in a row, there weren't many options!  

Read more about what MLD is, on my fabulous new website here.

This week has been non stop with seeing patients and getting organised for going to South Africa next Thursday for two weeks, for a Wedding and some Wedding planning of our own.

Tomorrow we are doing our Marriage Preparation Course, I can't believe that in three months and one day I will be a Mrs!

Have a lovely weekend,

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