Every year More People visit Zoos than attend all Sporting Events combined.

Thursday, September 6

According to Eric Weiner in his book The Geography of Bliss, it is in our genes to find natural settings peaceful.

My Parents Farm in South Africa

He also mentions a study that was conducted by a Psychologist, Roger Ulrich, with patients that were recuperating from gallbladder surgery at a Pennsylvania hospital.  

Some patients were assigned to a room overlooking a small strand of deciduous trees.

Others were assigned to rooms that overlooked a brick wall. Ulrich described the results:

Patients with the natural window view had shorter post-operative hospital stays, had fewer negative comments in nurses' notes...and tended to have lower scores for minor post-surgical complications such as headache or nausea requiring medication.  Moreover, the wall view patients required many more injections of potent painkillers.

Weiner in his book, mentions this study in his book when he is in Switzerland on his quest to visit some of the happiest and least happy countries in the world.  Switzerland is frequently mentioned in the top 3 of the World's happiest countries, and after spending time there and speaking to a number of residents, the Swiss citizens all mention that their connection to the nature around them contributes to their happiness.  

Spend some time with nature.

Or around animals.

Cattle on our farm at home.

You are likely to feel happier as a result:)
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