Monday, September 10

the crowds cheered as he entered the stadium

the inspirational man from our home country, in london,

the only competitor to compete in the both the olympics and the para olympics

and so guaranteed a win in the second,

or so we thought,

but as he stepped onto the track for the 11th time

a gold medal in 2012 had so far eluded him,

as nix and i sat with our south african flags and watched the track and field events prior to the race

the fear in our stomachs grew along with the anxiety of the british citizens sat us around us

everyone rooting for oscar,

for the man who has proven that disability does not condemn you from reaching for your dreams,

he appeared  confident as he warmed up,

although his nemesis oliveira was to race in the lane beside him,

'quiet for the start please'

and we were,

and then they were off,

he ran with all his might,

and the crowd was completely lost in those seconds,

all willing him on,

our breaths held as he came past us,

as he ran and ran

and he won


my hero

our hero

an inspiration to us all

what a privilege to have witnessed this.

thanks to nix and si for the ticket!

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