The 5 Love Languages

Thursday, September 27

The Marriage Preparation Course that we did last Saturday, also touched on the Five Love Languages, as discussed by Gary Chapman.  My friends Kerryn and Alice gave me this book for my Birthday a few years ago (when I was a singleton) and I absolutely adore it.

There are also other variations on the same theme, for those already in relationships. Chap,an surmises that there are fundamentally five ways to show and to be shown love.

These are:

Loving Words
Quality Time
Thoughtful Presents
Physical Affection
Kind Actions

It is important that you and those close to you, know how you like to be shown love, and that with your partner especially you know how each other like to be loved.  This is often influenced by our up bringing.

 My Family has always been very vocal about saying I Love You and we always say Good Night to each other by saying "Night, Love you, see you in the Morning."  Phone calls and real life Good Byes are always ended with I Love You's too.  Resultantly, I am very comfortable with telling people that I love them...yes girls, especially after a glass of wine...and no Pete not after I've only met someone once!

However loving words wouldn't be at the top of my list as a method in which to be shown love, perhaps because I grew up with an abundance of them.

I am more of a kind actions kind of person:

 A cup of tea when I'm not expecting it.

My fabulous water bottle with built in filter that La bought me because she knew I would love it.

An article torn from a Magazine from Bindy that she thought I may find interesting.

A bottle of Chicory from Beany as she thought I should try it.

A few of my friends who came to my Birthday drinks, although they knew that they wouldn't know many people there, but still made an effort to come.

A forwarded email from Robs with an article that she thought I may enjoy, and two books to borrow that she bought, before she had even read them, knowing I would also love them.

My Ipad holder for the kitchen when cooking so that I don't dirty the screen, from Pete.

Pages and pages of  Wedding idea pictures downloaded from the slowest farm internet connection ever, by Mum.

Our Amazing Wedding Invites made by my Uncle and Aunt, Paul and Heidi.

Are a few things that spring to mind as I quickly type this post.  Looking at the list, there are a few overlaps here into 'thoughtful gifts' and 'quality time' too!

It is not to say that we only like one kind of way to have love expressed, just that some ways, we prefer more than others.

What is your Love Language?
And your Partners?

I am off to the Airport now for two weeks in South Africa:)

I'm hoping to get to the computer whilst out there, amidst Wedding Planning and Wedding attending!

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