The Importance of Date Night

Monday, September 24

On Saturday, Pete and I went to our Marriage Preparation course, held at the All Saints and Holy Trinity Parish of Wandsworth, in Putney, with Greg and Judith Prior.  Greg is the Vicar of the Church, and Judith his wife of 19 years.  The course is typically held over 5 weeks, but as we were unable to attend any 5 consecutive weeks that it was running, we opted for this all in one day course.

The course was excellent, and as Greg said in the introduction, even if you are not a Christian, the topics and values covered in the course are pretty pertinent to any relationship.

One of the sections that stood out to me, was that of reminding us how important it is to spend quality time together with your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/other half.

This time creates opportunities for effective communication, and keeps romance, love and fun alive.  It also ensures that you change your usual routine and do something special. 

They recommend the following:

Daily Time Together:

A set time where you talk to each other without the interruption of the TV, telephone or computer.  Try to find a designated time everyday that becomes a habit of catching up with each other.


A 'date night' or 'marriage time' once a week.  Make this a priority and put it in your diary.


Have a mini-honeymoon every year, where you spend time together away from your usual everyday routine. These they say, help to revitalise relationships and rekindle the romance.

When last did you have a 'date night'?

If you are living in London and looking for Marriage Preparation Courses, I would really recommend Greg and Judith's Course! Contact details here.

Happy Quality Timimg with your loved one:)

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