Book Club-so much more than just sharing good books

Wednesday, October 31

Last night was our monthly book club catch up, hosted this time, by me.  I've mentioned this little get together on here before, and it really is one of my favourite evenings of the month!  We are more of a book share than a book club, and as the host you make dinner and contribute two new books that month.  Usually there are more than two additions though, as people add books that they have discovered and enjoyed since the last time we met.

The evening is usually 3/4 focussed on the meal and catch up with everyone's lives, and 1/4 on the book sharing.  I think that the unique thing about our group, is that everyone does genuinely enjoy reading.   And so, whilst many 'book clubs' have the reputation of being 'wine clubs', ours is primarily based on our love of reading.  Not to say that we don't enjoy a glass of wine at the same time.  I think that the reason that we have managed to keep going for so long, it will be four years in February, is that the joint focus of the evening is to share books as well as to catch up.  The book share element works well too, as if you aren't enjoying the book you are reading, you simply start a different one. 

My Mum is in a book club at home in South Africa, and theirs has been going for as long as I can remember,  it must be over 20 years.  Whilst I was at home recently, I joined them for a lovely afternoon of 3/4 tea drinking and cake eating and 1/4 book sharing.  It does seem to be the perfect ratio for a successful group:)

Why one more drink can increase your chances of getting breast cancer.

Monday, October 29

My Mum sent me a text this weekend saying that her friend Ann had recommended I read a book, called Journey to Hope.  She advised that I buy it asap, as it was free on the kindle store this weekend.  I had no idea what the book was about, and to be honest the title wasn't one I would have jumped at unprompted.  

I started to read it this morning, and I am already fascinated.  It is written by a Doctor, Thomas Hudson, who has specialised in Radiography, more specifically, mammograms.  I am only one Chapter in, but he has already described how all the holistic interventions that he used to scoff at, he now promotes whole heartedly.  This book is going to be right up my street!

He describes simply, evidence based research studies and how they relate to what is known currently about the non genetic factors that cause cancers, specifically breast cancer.

I have been very motivated today to be as healthy as possible this week, after a very lazy, headache filled day on the couch yesterday.   This was a result of a very energetic Prosecco drinking session to celebrate my friend Ryan's 30th Birthday on Saturday night!

Hudson mentions the following risk factors for breast cancers that are not genetically linked.

Only in South Africa!

Wednesday, October 24

With the launch of my new Physio practice, and the fact that I'm only doing home visits to Patients at the moment, I ideally need a car.  Problem is, is that my South African drivers license has expired, and so until I can exchange it for a British one, I needed to renew my old one.  The first morning that I was in my home town in Kokstad, South Africa, whilst we were there recently, I embarked on this mission.

Usually jobs like these I absolutely dread, and the queues and admin involved in it are a nightmare.

We arrived just as the Licensing department opened, and as I joined the first of a number queues, I realised I hadn't thought to bring my own passport sized photo's.  Thinking I would have to drive across town (be driven by my Mother) across town, my heart sank, until one of the traffic officials recommended that I get my pictures done across the road, with 'the ladies'.

I crossed the road and discovered two fabulous women who said they could certainly help me out with some pictures!

The 'Photo Booth'
Yes, that is a sheet hanging from a tree with pegs!

The pro's and con's of a "I'm so Fat" day

Monday, October 22

Some days nothing looks or feels right, I feel sure I've gained kilograms in days and I land up with a pile of clothes strewn across the bed before concluding that I have absolutely nothing to wear that I could possibly leave the house in.  

For the past five and a half years I have worn a uniform every day to work.  And for two of the four years that I was at University, we wore a uniform too.  Unsurprisingly, the last two and a half months of being self employed and uniform free, have resulted in a number of wardrobe dilemma's.  Combine a wardrobe meltdown with an 'I'm so fat' day, an overdue visit to the hairdressers and worst of all worst confidence killers, a cold sore, and I want to hide for a year. 

And no amount of reassurance from fiancee, family or friends all. 

I read an interesting article when I was at home in Health Intelligence, a great Health magazine I discovered in SA.

Apparently there are a number of influences as to whether you are comfortable with your body image.

Delicious Broad Bean and Warm Haloumi Salad inspired from my Aunt's Veggie Garden in SA

Wednesday, October 17

I have seriously neglected the Berry Diaries over the past few weeks whilst in South Africa on holiday and in the process of setting up my own Physiotherapy Practice here in London! I hope that I am able to dedicate some more time to write about the things that interest me (and hopefully you too) over the next while...

Whilst at home, my Aunt Judy asked me if I have ever made anything with Broad Beans as she has grown some on their Farm, and showed me them in her Vegetable Garden.  I had heard of them, but hadn't ever cooked anything with them.

No Place Like Home

Tuesday, October 9

I can't believe how quickly the past few days have gone by, and that on Sunday our two and a half week holiday in South Africa comes to an end! 

We have been very busy catching up up with Friends and Family and finalising plans for our Wedding, hence there has been little time for any blogging!

The view from my Bedroom at Home

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