Book Club-so much more than just sharing good books

Wednesday, October 31

Last night was our monthly book club catch up, hosted this time, by me.  I've mentioned this little get together on here before, and it really is one of my favourite evenings of the month!  We are more of a book share than a book club, and as the host you make dinner and contribute two new books that month.  Usually there are more than two additions though, as people add books that they have discovered and enjoyed since the last time we met.

The evening is usually 3/4 focussed on the meal and catch up with everyone's lives, and 1/4 on the book sharing.  I think that the unique thing about our group, is that everyone does genuinely enjoy reading.   And so, whilst many 'book clubs' have the reputation of being 'wine clubs', ours is primarily based on our love of reading.  Not to say that we don't enjoy a glass of wine at the same time.  I think that the reason that we have managed to keep going for so long, it will be four years in February, is that the joint focus of the evening is to share books as well as to catch up.  The book share element works well too, as if you aren't enjoying the book you are reading, you simply start a different one. 

My Mum is in a book club at home in South Africa, and theirs has been going for as long as I can remember,  it must be over 20 years.  Whilst I was at home recently, I joined them for a lovely afternoon of 3/4 tea drinking and cake eating and 1/4 book sharing.  It does seem to be the perfect ratio for a successful group:)

After everyone left last night, my lounge went from being a loud babble of 8 girls (we were missing Sam & Jubes) talking and laughing and teasing each other about the 'life changing' and 'terrible' books available, to just me.  And as I looked at the pile of 3 books I've acquired for the next month, I  thought about some of the highs and lows in all of our lives that these group get togethers have seen.

Tears of laughter at some of the book choices, reflections on nights out, and disastrous dates.

Tears of sadness about relationships that have ended, or that really should, family members who have been unwell, pets that have passed away and jobs that are just awful.

Choruses of encouragement that come at times when someone needs that extra validation on decisions such as moving house, job or relationship...and groups of voices offering sympathy over bad luck, ill health or sad situations.

The support that these girls have given me this year; through my melanoma cancer health dramas, excitement over becoming engaged and support in starting my own physio practice...has been amazing.

I am so blessed to be a part of this fabulous group:)

I hope that everyone reading this has this kind of support in one form or another.

Thank you my lovely book club ladies!

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