No Place Like Home

Tuesday, October 9

I can't believe how quickly the past few days have gone by, and that on Sunday our two and a half week holiday in South Africa comes to an end! 

We have been very busy catching up up with Friends and Family and finalising plans for our Wedding, hence there has been little time for any blogging!

The view from my Bedroom at Home


Hen and chicks at the Sheds

My Sister Tess and I

Tess and my cousin Rach making shadows 

Our Home Farm

Admiring the view

Tess and Rach

Watching a Cow Calve yesterday evening

The Cow encouraging her Calf to take it's first few steps

I am so fortunate to have grown up on such a beautiful farm, and I can't wait to get married here in December!

This weekend, we have Pete's brother and soon to be sister in law, Colin and Shannon's Wedding in the Midlands, I am sure it's going to be stunning.

And then back to London until we return for our own nuptials.

Hope that everyone is having a good week :)

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