Why one more drink can increase your chances of getting breast cancer.

Monday, October 29

My Mum sent me a text this weekend saying that her friend Ann had recommended I read a book, called Journey to Hope.  She advised that I buy it asap, as it was free on the kindle store this weekend.  I had no idea what the book was about, and to be honest the title wasn't one I would have jumped at unprompted.  

I started to read it this morning, and I am already fascinated.  It is written by a Doctor, Thomas Hudson, who has specialised in Radiography, more specifically, mammograms.  I am only one Chapter in, but he has already described how all the holistic interventions that he used to scoff at, he now promotes whole heartedly.  This book is going to be right up my street!

He describes simply, evidence based research studies and how they relate to what is known currently about the non genetic factors that cause cancers, specifically breast cancer.

I have been very motivated today to be as healthy as possible this week, after a very lazy, headache filled day on the couch yesterday.   This was a result of a very energetic Prosecco drinking session to celebrate my friend Ryan's 30th Birthday on Saturday night!

Hudson mentions the following risk factors for breast cancers that are not genetically linked.

High Fat Diets:
I have mentioned this before on here, if a large percentage of your calories come from fat, you are more likely to get breast cancer than those whose don't.

Obesity/Physical Activity:
Your breast cancer risk increases in proportion to how fat you are.  He says that women who get an adequate amount of exercise, cut their risk of cancer by half or more.

Some studies have shown an increase in breast cancer in ladies who describe themselves as chronically stressed.  Women who have experienced recent traumatic life events such as divorce or the death of a loved one may also be at an increased risk. The elevated risk appears to come from how well women cope with these life events rather than what the actual event is.

For each drink that you have per day, your risk of developing breast cancer goes up by 11%.  So two drinks per day puts your chances of getting breast cancer 22% higher, three drinks is 33% and so on.

Thank goodness Saturday's drinking was not the norm for me, or else my breast cancer free chances would not be looking good!  

It does make you think though, whilst drinking and binge drinking (I hate that phrase!), are considered the norm in much of society, it really isn't that good for us.

It is so much fun at the time though...

Hope you are all having an alcohol free day ;)

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