Another 3 Month Follow up with my Doctor, and what all Parents should look out for on their Children's skin.

Thursday, November 22

Today was the day of my dreaded three month check up, I know, I can't believe how quickly it came around either, after my melt down last time here, and the time before here.

Anyway, fortunately it was good news all round, and there are no new dodgy looking anythings on my skin! My Doctor is also optimistic about the pain I've been having my arm when it swells, and says she thinks it is healing and that my sensation is improving. I'm not sure I agree, but at least there were no new drama's today:)

I found this article the other today on the C.S Mott Children's Hospital Website, via the google alerts that I get about Melanoma every week. I've copied a few paragraph's and pasted below. Look on their site for more information with regards to treatment of Melanoma in children.

Pediatric Melanoma

Pediatric melanoma – the most common skin cancer in children – is on the rise. Researchers aren’t exactly sure what predominantly causes melanoma in children, but suspect genetics play a role more than sun exposure. Those with fair skin, blonde or red hair, freckles, the inability to tan, and/or a family history of melanoma are at greater risk. It primarily occurs during the teen years but can affect any age. Melanoma is an aggressive type of cancer and can spread (metastasize) quickly to other parts of the body.

Melanoma Symptoms

Symptoms will vary depending on tumor size and whether or not the cancer has spread. Symptoms can include:
  • Change in size, color, or shape of a mole
  • A mole that looks different from the rest
  • A pink or pale-colored raised mark (like a wart)
  • A red spot that is flat and dry/rough
  • A bleeding mole

Diagnosing Melanoma

Diagnosing melanoma begins with a thorough health history and a comprehensive physical examination. A skin biopsy to confirm the diagnosis is performed by removing a sample of skin tissue for examination under a microscope.
If melanoma is the diagnosis, your doctor will stage the tumor, which determines if and how far the cancer has spread. Staging the tumor will help determine a treatment plan.

Keep an eye on your children skin Mum's and Dad's, especially as they say that Melanoma's in children are on the increase.
Hope you are all having a good week...
Lulu x

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