Autumn Days and a Little bit of Magic

Monday, November 12

I think we can safely say that Winter is upon us in London! I am already looking forward to going home for four weeks of warmth for our Wedding in December.

The lighting outside has been very striking over the past few weeks with the seasons changing, especially in the afternoons. Below are a few pictures I've taken with my iphone lately.

Walking from Portobello Market on Saturday

Autumn leaves whilst we were walking to Putney yesterday.

Striking sky whilst walking across Wandsworth bridge last week.

I noticed this whilst walking to see a patient in Putney two weeks ago.  A little door that had been built  into the base of a tree.

The next two times that I went past, I saw two different little girls, playing on the pavement, with their Mothers, totally engrossed their games, at this tiny door.

Today, when I passed, there was no one there playing, it was raining, but I could see there was something poking out the bottom of the door.  

After a quick look up and down the road to check that noone was watching me, I looked inside.

A small whoopee cushion and two little bath time toys.

I quickly closed the door again.

And left it for a another little child to discover and marvel at.

I had such an over active imagination when I was a child, I would have LOVED this little bit of fairy house magic.

When last did you see a little magic?
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