"You are the Average of the 5 People you Spend the Most Time with"

Monday, December 3

I have been feeling incredibly inspired by life in the past week. I can't wait to expand my Women and Children's Physiotherapy practice next year, this beloved blog of mine has a readership that continues to grow month by month; and leaving chilly London for South Africa next week for four week to get married, celebrate Christmas and go on honeymoon is pretty darn excitement inducing too!

I met up with the lovely Lisa from Skin Plus Care, last week, who as I mentioned here, has a gorgeous new shop in the Wimbledon Village, and saw the new treatment rooms that she has built! I am so excited to be working from her pretty shop next year, I and can't wait to be a part of a growing complementary therapies team.  This weekend I also caught up with two friends who are passionate about the blogging world, and we shared ideas for our blogs (hence the mini blog make over), and they introduced me to a few new fabulous ones to follow.

And then, in the way that life so often works out, today I discovered this TEDx talk by Scott Dinsmore.
Titled, How to Find and Do Work You Love. 

He discusses his own journey in creating the very successful company that he now owns and runs, and shares some very wise words.

I am very fortunate to already be doing what I love, but couldn't agree more with the points he raises in this talk.

He mentions how he was advised to take a certain job, as although he hated it as, 

"it would look good on his resumee".

And so he did it, and he hated it. And then he read a quote by Warren Buffet, the self made multi millionaire, who said:

"Taking a job to have on your resumee, is liking saving sex for old age."

And so he quit, watch the rest of his talk, to see how his business bloomed but only after some time, here.

Everything changed when he surrounded himself by the right people. He quotes James Rohn who says:

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."

So surround yourself with passionate people. 

People who are doing what they love, and are happier as a result of it.

When I was considering leaving the hospital where I was working, I knew that a large determining factor of how successful my own Physio practice would be, lay with if I managed to register my business with a certain major health insurance company so that I could treat their clients.

"Don't even bother, I tried for five years before they registered me." I was advised.

"I don't even think they are accepting anyone new, and anyway the price they will negotiate with you won't make it worth your while." Another said.

"Never, they won't even consider anyone new, there are too many Physio's in your area already."I heard a few times.

I wasn't even going to bother.

"You may as well try," Pete said. "All they can say is no." said Jen.

And so I filled out the forms, and within a week, they called me, said they would love to have me on board, and after bullying my price down, as I had expected them to and taken into account, I was all approved.

I was as surprised as the doubters above.

I read another article in a girly magazine a few months ago, which said:

"People whose friends earn more than them tend to get promoted and achieved faster in their work place than those who don't."


"You are more likely to be overweight if your good friends are."

I moved back to South Africa for 6 months a few years ago, after a very sedentary 18 months in London, and lived with my friends Alice and Ken who both exercised at least once a day.  I still exercise regularly today as I became more active from being surrounded by their non stop activity.  I moved back to London, and ran a half marathon a year later.

About the doubters in our lives:

Dinsmore quotes Mahatma Ghandi:

first they ignore you
then they laugh at you
then they fight you
then you win

If you have an idea, surround yourself with people who are passionate and are believers.

And the good new is, if you struggling to find anyone around you, the internet has quite a few to offer.

In the words of Rosie, from her fabulous blog The Londoner:

I like blogs.

In my opinion everyone should have their very own piece of The Internet.

A little plot of internet to call your very own.

I recently came to the conclusion that I actively despise Facebook, so blogs let me stalk the people I like, love, know & want to know... without reading status updates about how drunk they were last night.

Realise what you love, with help from people like Scott Dinsmore if you struggling to work it out.

Then find a 'guru' in it, be it in real life or on the world wide web, and take inspiration from them.

And then Do the Work you Love.

I am so lucky to be marrying a guy who thinks every harebrained scheme I have, is going to be the best venture ever :)

Lulu x 

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