Cupcakes and Champagne - My Kitchen Tea in South Africa

Monday, January 14

Living in London and getting married in South Africa, I thought would be quite trying.  However thanks to my Mum, the twelve hour flight between us hardly mattered at all.  Mum if it wasn't for you, our Wedding planning and Wedding day would have been a nightmare! Thank you for everything.

There are also some benefits to it though. As mentioned here, I went away with 17 of my favouritest friends in the UK to celebrate my hens party in November.  Not all of my bridesmaids nor my South African friends could attend this weekend, for obvious reasons, and so I was again spoilt and had the most beautiful Kitchen Tea in South Africa too.

The Monday before our Wedding, my cousins Jess and Laurs and sister Tess, who were also three of my bridesmaids, arranged a tea at my Aunt and Uncles house, on their farm which is next door to my Parents farm. Catching up with ladies that I hadn't seen in ages, eating delicious baked goodies, drinking and tea and champagne on a beautiful summery afternoon was a wonderful start to the week. 

Not only was I spoilt with gorgeous gifts, I also received a whole pile of money to go towards a Kenwood Cake Mixer that I have been dying to own for ages!

A few pictures from the very lovely day.

Thank you so much for organising girls!

And thanks to everyone that came, and for all the gifts. 

I can't wait to buy my mixer.

Jubes I love the garter you made, thank you.

Jess, Laurs, Tess, Mum, Judy and Claire, thanks so much for all your hard work.

I think I need an afternoon like this every time I get back to Kokstad...

Lulu x 

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