Daily Smoothies and Abel and Cole Promotion

Thursday, January 24

I  think that one of the biggest lifestyle changes that I've made over the past year since all my cancer drama's and trying to be more healthy, has been making us smoothies for breakfast every morning.

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I chop up four to six pieces of fruit, pour in about 4 tbsp of greek yoghurt and and about a quarter of a cup of water.  Fresh ginger is great in there too...

I can hear the collective sigh from anyone who doesn't have full time domestic help as they read this, because no one likes to clean the blender.  Well, nor do I really, but they say once you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit, and we hardly notice having to undo and clean the blender anymore.

Other than having got over cleaning the blender, the other thing that has resulted in this daily smoothie making ritual, is having the fruit readily on hand.

For the past year, we have been getting the weekly box of fruit and or veg, from Abel and Cole.

They deliver you seasonal, locally produced fruit and veg to your door...and if you are out, they just arrange with you, the best place to leave it.  The content of the boxes changes, according to what is in season, so each week is different.  However, if there is something you don't like, you change it on your preferences list and they swap it for something else...

They also give you a leaflet each week with recipes and inspiration for whatever has just arrived in your box.

I think that it is great value for money, and so convenient:)

You can also buy a whole lot of other products and treats on their website.

Abel and Cole are currently having a promotion.

If you live in London, and sign up, and they will give you their very cool cookbook for free, and you will also get your fourth seasonal box for free...to claim this, enter the word BOX in the checkout on their website here.

I really hope it warms up here very soon, the novelty of the snow has worn off for me, and I have a terrible cold.

And I'm being inundated with status updates on my Facebook homepage about how awfully hot it is in SA...

So keep warm, or keep cool, wherever you are!

Lulu x 

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